A Clever-enough-bot!

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Review, Web | Posted on 29-06-2011

cleverbotWhat is Cleaverbot?

Cleverbot.com is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that was initiated to feed in conversations into the bot but eventually evolved as an interesting interface for users to pass time.

Created in 1988, by Rollo Carpenter, and was launched onto web in 1997. It was under construction for about a decade where Carpenter along with his mates communicated with the bot. This process was initiated to feed in conversations into the bot. As per Wikipedia.com Cleverbot, in 1997, had 20 million conversations.

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Deciding to Use Black or Rich Black

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Designing | Posted on 26-06-2011

This article may be treated as guide to preparing files for Print: When printing with black, there are 2 (two) types of black you might like to use.

  • Black – 100K; this can be used for bar codes & body copy
  • Rich Black – 40C 40M 40Y 100K; used for blocks of black

Note: Rich black color code specifications in CMYK may differ from printer to printer, so it’s better asking your printer what they recommend.

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