A Clever-enough-bot!

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Review, Web | Posted on 29-06-2011

cleverbotWhat is Cleaverbot?

Cleverbot.com is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that was initiated to feed in conversations into the bot but eventually evolved as an interesting interface for users to pass time.

Created in 1988, by Rollo Carpenter, and was launched onto web in 1997. It was under construction for about a decade where Carpenter along with his mates communicated with the bot. This process was initiated to feed in conversations into the bot. As per Wikipedia.com Cleverbot, in 1997, had 20 million conversations.

How does it work?

Cleverbot, if we break it comes to Clever + bot (Robot). When you type or start a conversation with Cleverbot, you don’t chat with a human on the other side. Rather it is a set of algorithm which relates the person’s reply to the previously entered similar entries and gives back a reply.

This is a site which would make you think before you reply. Sometimes you get real funny replies. And most often people find it boring because it goes wayward. If you start a topic from the tip of the longest hair on your scalp it can extend to a topic to the end of the smallest toe.

Read this conversation: http://avatar.cleverbot.com/j2convbycategory-romeo to get a glimpse of this AI.

Overall its an interesting interface for users to pass time. Mind it folks if you get on screen ‘Still-thinking’, take it as you are little more clever than the bot.  😛

Happy Cleverbot-ting!

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  1. Nimbuzz has one called jimmy

  2. Hey Sujit, after reading your post on cleverbot, I came across (Jabberwacky) – Another chatterbox also created by Rollo Carpenter.

    The difference being Jabberwacky is wholly voice operated—learning directly from sound and other sensory inputs.

    Readers may try this for further human mimics 😉

  3. @ Sourabh: Yeah. Those are just evolving out after this Cleverbot had. But they are not as frequent and famous as Cleverbot.

    Keep cleverbot-ting! :)

  4. @ Chetan: Yes. Jabberwacky is a bit more confusing and from its conversations (as told by users, I have not used it yet) it is evident that you are talking to a robot and that wont give you a real feel.

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