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Rahul BharadwajRahul Bharadwaj, born on October 20, 1985 to Bijay Bharadwaj & Shalini (Vishwakarma) Bharadwaj in Kolkata, West Bengal. He completed his Primary & High School from Don Bosco Liluah, Kolkata (1991 – 2004) after which he went on to graduate in Business Management (Major: Finance) from Scottish Church College, Kolkata (2004 – 2007).

Rahul @ Don Bosco Liluah (Delhi Board)

He had always been involved in various co-curricular activities like Karate (Gojukai – Brown Belt), Dancing,  Acting, Debating, Creative Writing, Painting, Camping etc. He was a Scout (2000 – 2002), member at SpaceByte club – Computer Science (2002 – 2004) where he also held the position of Secretary. He passed out school with 80.8% of marks.

Rahul @ Scottish Church College (Calcutta University)

He was the elected Department Representative (BBA department) for the year 2005 – 06 and played an very important role in pioneering PODSCORB (a Management Fiesta organized by Scottish Church College). He also scored a Second position in the Business Plan competition along with a First in Gaming. Later on he went to win the title of Best Business Planner 2007 at XMC (Management organized by St. Xaviers College). He passed a merit and the best student of his Batch scoring an agreegate of 65% his and college highest in VIVA presentations which comprised of a report on Online Payment System (2007).

Rahul @ Work

He started his experience at an early age of 16 when he teamed up with Yogesh Goel, Karan Gupta, Rohit Agarwal and Dhiraj Jain to form a group called Web Rangers. During the period of 2001 – 2003, Web Rangers had designed and hosted over 30 websites. In 2004 he partnered with Shamasis Bhattacharya to form the first legal entity called 21innovation (21i). 21i had a great beginning where it designed websites for Penguin Books, Tilottama 2005 (Anand Bazaar Patrika), Xcuse Me (Bhowanipur Gujarati Education Society) and AapTak.

Next milestone was in 2005, when he met Manuraj Agarwal. Manuraj had just started a IT firm called Xgenmedia. Rahul freelanced many small & big projects for Xgenmedia which includes imedcare.com, nutradvice.com, myprintguy.com, kenyagreencoffee.com, eprintcafe.com. Until now, Rahul had developed most of the websites in ASP and some monir fixes on PHP websites. But with his project, eprintcafe.com, he created an online print portal (in PHP) in 4 days, which also happened to be his first PHP website. ePrintcafe opened up the floodgates for other PHP projects and Rahul went on to build other websites like outorg.com, rockandraaga.com, valueking.com, supremesharetradingcompany.com, kyakare.com.

ePrintcafe also was a milestone in itself because that is how he met Cherag Gandhi, who was the owner of eprintcafe.com. Because of the fact that Rahul and Cherag thought on the same lines led to the development of the next major project, eregnow.com. During the initial development phase, Rahul & Shamasis worked for the project under the banner of 21i. The website was launched with minimal features in December 2006.

Once Rahul had graduated in June 2007, he started his full time career as a Consultant for Xgenmedia and eRegNow.com Private Limited. With his experience in the web development and internet business he has help both the companies to grow to their best possibilities. Rahul had taken the designation of Project Manager at Xgenmedia where is primary work was to break a project into various task and assign the various task to the right person with a planned deadline. To know more of Rahul & Xgenmedia, [click here]. During the same period, Rahul worked as an Business & Technical Consultant for eRegNow.com where he balanced the features on the website with the amount of revenue it would fetch the company. To know more about Rahul & eRegNow.com, [click here].

He continued to serve Xgenmedia Solutions Private Limited and eRegNow.com Private Limited for another year and a half when he decided to roll out his own IT Consultancy firm name as FOURDY SOLUTIONS. FOURDY SOLUTIONS is a currently serving eRegNow.com for it’s IT infrastructure and resources for development of  eregnow.com’s other undertakings too (such as ehotelnow.com, emembernow.com) etc. FS also acts as technology partners for other companies/institutions such as Global School of Tech Juris, Alchemy Leadership School, Rose Bud School. FS also opened up website administration as a unique bit of service which has been uptilized by Kyakare.com and eRegNow.com

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