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Posted by Rahul Bharadwaj | Posted in Festival/Events, Introduction | Posted on 10-09-2009

What is ADP – Amar Durga Puja?

As we all know that Durga Puja is one of the most awaited festival in West Bengal but because of it’s geographical restriction people in the other part of the world can only read about it or view photos only once the event is over – it’s like watching the highlights of the World Cup Finals. We, at FOURDY WLOG, decided to take Durga Puja to the whole world. After a lot of thinking the only way we could do it was through the most powerful medium of today, the internet. This is when we decided to create ADP – ADP would be like a platform for the users to share their thoughts, videos, photo and more about Durga Puja.

The bigger plan was to create a live online streaming video for EACH location in Kolkata. The user who comes to the website would be able to choose the location for which he wants to view the video for and the live video plays. Many may ask: Almost all media channels and radio stations cover the event, how are they different? Well, the primary difference would be that the user gets to choose the location himself and can view each moment of any location rather than watching the puja for only the location where the media is present at that point of time.

Is it happening for Durga Puja 2009?

Unfortunately, No, we will not be rolling out this year due to the lack of sponsors and lack of time.

Then, why are we talking?

Well, because we are ready to make the first move this year. First Move: We will be organizing a photo submission competition this year.

I am excited, tell me more!

What we plan to do is create a website which would be available for the public at On the website, each user can upload photos of puja happening at various places in Kolkata. All the uploaded photos can be view by the general users visitng the website and will have following features:

  • Comment on the photo
  • Rate the photo
  • Search photos (by location)

What happens next?

Next, we plan to give away prizes to:

  • Best Rated Photo
  • Most Visited Photo

What about publicizing the website, is it too late to start?

No, we believe it’s the best time to start. We would be using 1 Radio Partner, 1 TV Partner, weblink exchanges and Social Network to promote the event.

Are you interested in contributing?

If yes, please feel free to contact us at

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  1. Hey Rahul I suggest:
    WE should give away prize also for an another category- ‘Highest contributor’ (user uploading the highest number of snap)

    What say all?

  2. Great idea Chetan.
    Best of luck to all of us for this competition.

  3. u people said it…
    and its done…
    we are live now..


    lets just do it..
    what say?

  4. Definitely!

  5. @Chetan – The Highest Contributor Award would defintely go to Mr. Yogesh ‘Shutterbug’ Goel.

    Fourdy is going bigger with ‘Amar Durga Puja’. I definitely plan to keep the site updated from UK.

  6. @Nirav – Thank you so much.

    It’s 12 days for you to go &
    it’s those same 12 days to go for ADP.

    I know you wish to make the event larger for your farewell.

  7. @ Chetan: The idea is fantastic.
    @ Nirav: The highest contributor will definitely be Yogesh Bhaiya but organizers will not keep the prize for themselves na :)

  8. in the design a custom font can be integrated for headings and special quoted texts

    for assistance you can contact me

  9. well this is my first D.P. which i am going to witness in kolkata so if u need any help i am always there

  10. Thank you so much Ujjwal for your support and will definitely meet you up this pujas.
    Until then get your Cameras ready for the competition.

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