Android tab @ Rs. 1750/-

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in IT Industry, Review | Posted on 17-10-2011

After the cheapest Car, India is now to set a new record – The cheapest Android Based Tablet!

The Indian government launched the $35 (Rs. 1,700) tablet called Aakash, which Union minister Kapil Sibal called a “tablet for the poor.”

DataWind in association with IIT – Rajasthan has launched the world’s cheapest Android. Kapil Sibal – person who is both the IT and Education minister – targets this cheap system to the education sector.

  • Developed by – DataWind in association with IIT Rajasthan students
  • Cost – Rs. 1500 – 1750 for Students
  • Weight – 350gms
  • This computing device is 25.5cm long and 12.5cm wide.
  • Operating System – Android 2.2
  • Processor – 366 Mhz
  • Storage – 2GB micro SD – expandable upto 32Gb
  • Memory – 256 MB RAM
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • It has 2 USB ports
  • It has the DataWind Accelerated Browser
  • You can write your notes directly on the tablet using the stylus.
  • It can be placed on the desk flat.

The tab is not yet available in the retail shops. Hope to see in the shelves in couple of months. This is very much affordable.

In this industry of IT, it is going to be hard to compare it with them.

Aakash needs to get loads of apps all related to education sector.

  • It is expected to be between Rs. 1500 – 1750 for students; this is after a subsidy of Rs. 750 from Government.
  • Retail Price – Rs. 3000 (cum-tax)

To make this thing work Kapil Sibal would have to give this to every individual related to the education sector – from students, to staff and to teachers and this way definitely India would be digitally literate overnight.

If you get one do write into us with a feedback on Aakash!

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  1. i m waiting………………………………..

  2. I want to buy akash urgently

  3. Bishu, it is out of stock at present. It’s going to be in the racks soon. Be Updated and grab it.

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  6. when is this aakash tab going to come in market desperately waiting for it

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