Are you Safe on Facebook!

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Social Media | Posted on 02-10-2011

This is not Miami, Las Vegas, L.A, Dubai…this is Facebook! It is the ‘third biggest country’ in the world. So, are you safe there? Identity security is a great threat now. With fake accounts on a rise, you should be sure of what you are sharing and with whom.

In TEN simple steps you can just set your account safe. Just as an old adage goes – ‘Prevention is better than cure’…

Step 1: Click on the down arrow on the top-right of your screen and click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

Step 2: Set a username for your profile. It is a unique username which is applicable to only to one Facebook account. This helps you to log in with out your email id.

Step 3: Get your primary email-id to something which you can remember easily. Don’t keep on creating fb accounts and increasing the population of Facebook. 😛

Step 4: Keep a password with a ‘text-number’ combination, which makes it more secure. And change your password frequently. (depends on how frequently you log in)

Step 5: Download a copy of your Facebook data: here you can save your memories, pictures and notes and data on Facebook for reference and online surfing of your data.

Step 6: Click on Security

Step 7: Enable Secure Browsing. This keeps your account safe and away from spywares and malwares and data leakage.

Step 8: Log-in Notifications should be activated:  This will give you the immediate text/email/update when ever you(or someone else) logs in to your profile from a new/unique device.

Step 9: This list includes the network location from where you generally log in. This list gives the places from where you have logged on recently. You can give names to the places (like Home, for you PC/Laptop OR Office when you log in from that IP address). You won’t get Log-in notification when you log in from this device as this has been saved as a recognized one.

Step 10: Gives you the details of the approximate place where you are surfing from.

Keep checking out this space for updates on Facebook security. Wish you have a happy time Facebook-ing!

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  1. Great work!

    Will help my friends with the privacy suggestions just learnt. There are still many who are unaware of facebook’s features and use it just for fun.

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