Avani Riverside Mall: Social Media Case Study

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Spread over an area of about spread over a massive 600,000 square feet area, Located close to the 2nd Hooghly Bridge, the Mall is the crowning glory of Howrah’s changing skyline.

Its online presence through website created a brand name for the newly developed mall in Howrah City and 3 months Social Media Marketing completely transformed Avani Riverside Mall’s Facebook page!

Google Remarketing: Who should use and Why?

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What is Google Remarketing

Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Google Display Network. The beta version of this very new service was launched in September 2012 by Google.

Generally when people leave your site without buying anything or without registering for an event etc, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers. Lucrative messages or offers can also be displayed to compel user to buy!

Who should use Remarketing?

It’s an ideal tool for advertisers looking for increase in registrations for events, driving sales on ecommerce Websites, promoting a brand or successfully executing a campaign.

Why You’d Use It

Remarketing being the 5th targeting tool after
Keyword match, Geographical location, Device (desktop, mobile and tablet) and Day parting is now the most powerful way connect with your target audience. Presenting across lucrative offers/ads to them when they were ready to buy would definitely improve ROI. In fact the combination of all the 5 tools can also add increase in effectiveness of these ads. For example if you want to expand your reach to a women oriented Conference between the age group of 28-40 who have yet not visited your website can be effective in adding them as registrants for your Conference 😉

Facebook Group

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Facebook Groups has been one area my clients are not sure about and don’t know why and how to use it to get maximum exposure. Though Facebook page is more elaborate and an extended version it isn’t a platform where you can communicate with a restricted audience. Its more of like advertising yourself rather than sharing knowledge.

For example one of our clients is a stock broker and wants to share tips with its members everyday. Groups were a great advantage and perfect way to communicate with its members given they were not able to share these tips via SMS recently due to stringent TRAI regulations.

BUT as we know, nothing is this world is just so perfect! One big con of using Facebook groups  is that it doesn’t have any insight section for the admin which means you will not know what kind of people are searching for your group, what sources they are coming from, which posts were popular amongst members etc. This is what makes facebook page a richer and significant platform to reach out to a bigger audience and understand trends.

Ideally Groups are useful for brands/products/service providers which want to connect or share only with a closed network.

Learn all about creating facebook groups at http://www.facebook.com/help/167970719931213


Facebook 2012

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Facebook as we know has undergone a lot of changes this year which in turn had a great impact on the fan falling of the page. The foremost being FanGate.  Yes, we NO more have the fanGate as the default landing page for Facebook. This means you can’t restrict users from viewing your page without liking it. PHEW! So does this mean that your fan falling would reduce drastically. Don’t worry the app would still be there but not as the default landing page. So if you are linking your facebook page to your website or elsewhere you can hardcode the link directly but this has a disadvantage too, it would even push your existing users to the fanGate :( . To escape this you can design the fanGate in a way that it reads “existing users click here to visit our wall”.

The 2nd important change is Pinned Photos. Facebook allows admin to select a post (posted by admin) to appear on top of the page. This means that the admin controls what appears first on the page!. So you already know how to take advantage of this 😉

Next on the line is the page apps. You can define the order in which your apps would appear. Its a asset for app developers as you can showcase your important apps prominently.

Another added advantage is the cover photo. What is it? As the name suggests it acts as cover to your profile and has a width of about 852 pixels. The idea now is to design the cover photo in a way which creates a brand impression and forces users to like the page.

Last but not the least is the private messaging for fans. So you no more need to have a profile to exchange private messages with your fans. Your FanPage does it all!

Launch of the CIVT Centre at Sanghol on the 28th of April

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Cordia Educational Complex will launch its first Institute of vocational training at the Cordia Educational Complex at Sanghol. This institute is the latest addition to the institutes of Cordia Educational Complex, at Sanghol Distt Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab.

The vocational skills training courses will be taught in affiliation with the Vocational Training Charitable Trust, UK (VTCT) and will initially offer 3 courses in Beauty Therapy, Nail Services and Hairdressing and barbering. The courses would be of 6 months duration and would teach a batch of 25 students to begin with. CIVT will also introduce job fairs and campus interviews for outgoing students as part of the curriculum and support. CIVT also plans to introduce 1 year skilled courses in hospitality by the end of 2012, as part of their long term goals. All courses at CIVT will be taught by Staff who have been specially trained in delivering these courses under guidance from VTCT. The most modern and advances Institute will offer both training and commercial services in two separate sections. Read the rest of this entry »

21 ways to get more fans to your Facebook fan page

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If you build a Facebook Page, will fans come?
mmm NOT that easy!!!

How can you really add facebook fans or friends?
Add Facebook Fans Now!

That is the great hope for many companies. But fans do not magically appears on Facebook fog. People should be enticed to your fan page. And there are some good and bad ways to go about doing this.

The Big Myth

There is a great myth that when you create a Facebook fan page for your company, the first thing you must do to get fans to invite all your friends from your personal profile by using the “Suggest to friends” feature.

Unfortunately, this strategy not be that effective and can actually often backfire. We have seen many industry gurus complain that when they fall a fan page request, it is frustrating to continue to be asked again and again. Read the rest of this entry »

The All new features of Facebook: Challenging Twitter and Google Plus

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Facebook is now trying to match and add new features which similar players have to their advantage. Some of the recent changes experienced on FB are:

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Google+: Would it kill Facebook?

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Google’s most awaited answer to Facebook in the social networking zone has arrived in the form of the Google+ Project. And the alert call is Google+ was launched on the same day (29th June, 2011) when MySpace, (the leading social networking site of the pre-Facebook era), was sold for just $35 million to an ad network which shows how rapidly social networking giants can rise and fall.

However according to Google, Google+ project is their attempt to make online sharing even better. They aren’t trying to replace what’s currently available; they just want to introduce a new way to connect online with the people related to you.

The biggest thrust Google has for pulling people towards using Google+ is integration. It will build Google+ social networking features and tools into almost all of its existing online services so at some point of time it would seem silly to jump out to some other site (Facebook) to do your social networking.

BUT before we jump on to any conclusion we have to accept the fact that none of Google’s product has been able to generate the fire in social media be it Google Buzz or Wave which were largely ignored or Orkut which almost faded out with the coming of Facebook. Also the fact that Google+’s key feature — the idea to organize your friends into ‘circles‘ and share certain content only with certain circles — isn’t really unique or new: Facebook already offers ‘lists‘ that lets you select which content is seen by which friends.

So people what do you think? Would Google+ kill Facebook?

Birth and Beyond-Smart Mom’s Companion

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The huge gap in maternal consultancy services in Kolkata as compared to other Indian metropolitan cities now finds a solution. Kolkata is gifted with a unique resource centre for the smart contemporary mom’s who are looking for correct information regarding conception, maternity, and parenting.

Birth and Beyond aspires to educate and raise awareness about methods of birthing, breastfeeding, nutrition, fitness for mom and baby, counseling, and specific prenatal and postnatal care. The  organization will function as a health, wellness, and educational centre for moms: to explore and enjoy the first five years of their child’s development.

The founders Vidhi Beri and Bali Sanghvi began their maternal journeys in 2009 and 2010 in Kolkata. Birth and Beyond is borne from their experience through pregnancy.

To know more about them log on to www.birthandbeyondindia.com/home

Gallery Sanskriti- Destination for Art Lovers

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Gallery Sanskriti provides, a space where critics and art-lovers, collectors and the ordinary viewer, can come together in an atmosphere exuding warmth and easy camaraderie. Ambica Beri launched Gallery Sanskriti in her small studio in Calcutta in 1990 with unstinted support from several contemporary artists. In the 18 years since, the Gallery has expanded and moved to the present larger premises.

Sanskriti has an ongoing exhibition area of 5000 sq.ft. It is designed to enable viewers to make connections through visual experiences. Besides innumerable exhibitions on the premises, the Gallery has a remarkable collection of publications to its credit, showcasing contemporary artists, both emerging and senior.