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You ever wished that time be in your hand? 😛 BURG makes that possible. BURG watch phone is first of its kind.

Netherland based Burg was set up in 2007 by Mr. van den Burg. In 2008 it first launched the prototype phone into the international fairs and received positive response. In 2009 BURG was awarded the Most Innovative Product of 2009. In 2010 the company stepped into international sales. Since then it has spread its arm in all countries bringing fashion and technology together.

Now that this nifty watch company, Burg, has pushed the market into India You must know what this is before you grab one round your wrist.

It is simple. Just insert the SIM and you can make and receive calls on it. A Burg Watch Phone is nothing but a wrist watch that can operate as a mobile phone and comes with an inbuilt SIM slot.

The features of the Burg watch phones depend on the price. The low end ones are used to make calls and receive them. The high ends have the features of a modern phone.

For instance, if you use the low end Burg then you will have use the speaker phone to make and receive calls or you may plug in earphone alternatively but for the higher ones you can use the Bluetooth headset to talk.

Features of the Burg Phone:

  1. The numbers keys are located on the circumference of the dial of the watch along with the texts. Three letters for each number. 1abc, 2def and so on.
  2. You have your contacts saved in the SIM and you can store upto 200/500 contacts. They will displayed on your Burg Watch Phone by pressing those buttons on the right side which are otherwise used to change/set the time of a normal wrist watch.
  3. These models have internet connectivity via WAP 1.2.1
  4. A Front facing camera with 3X zoom
  5. Supports text messages.
  6. It has micro SD card support, Vibrate functionality and Multi language support.
  7. 48 Hours standby time.
  8. 2 Hours talk time.

Other miscellaneous features like voice recorder, alarm clock, an image viewer, speed dial function, calendar function and Call history (upto 10 calls) also form part of the Burg.

All these phones, both the lower and the higher ones, have an AGPS Technology which helps the company to track each and every phone all over the globe. For this, AGPS Burg’s server sends out message to the phone which cannot be seen. The watch phone responds to the message and based on the time in which the server gets response, the location of user is ascertained, which is definitely a good option to keep the children under control.

Burg has established six outlets – 1 in Guwahati, 2 in Kolkata, 2 in New Delhi and 1 in Gurgaon, and it is expected that 20 more are to come all over India. Burg’s Global Sales Director, Mr. Koen, exclaimed that they plan to spread to the North first and then move towards the south.

For more details check out the site: http://burgcc.com/in/

These BURG phones are ranged from INR 9,000 to INR 23,000. It’s a must grab gadget. :)

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