It’s the Festives & Shopping is Now ONLINE!

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Festival/Events, Media, Web | Posted on 23-09-2011

Online shopping in its term mean shopping online. It is a B2C (Business to Consumer) business strategy. A virtual way of buying and selling, like they do in a roofed area, at their rest; directly from home. This form of electronic commerce has evolved big deal all over the world.

Well not only for girls, for everyone it is a hectic to carry bags and then themselves. 😛
In simple terms it is like Hindi saying ‘credit card swap karo, aish karo’.

Come, lets get acquainted the modern shopping online shopping trend.

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Cinematheque 2011 – A National Level Film Festival

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Clients, Festival/Events, Media | Posted on 05-02-2011

FOURDY SOLUTIONS is now the official Online Partner for the national level film festival Cinematheque 2011 organized by St. Xaviers’ College, Kolkata & Xaverian Film Academy on 8th & 9th March 2011.

Cinematheque 2011Event: Cinematheque 2011
Organized by: Xaverian Film Academy
Date: 8th and 9th of March 2011.
Venue: Auditorium, St. Xaviers’ College, Kolkata.

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Kyakare launches its Singapore Events guide

Posted by Shikha Kedia | Posted in Media | Posted on 28-12-2010 the leading Events sharing site from India has launched a  dedicated Singapore Events section enabling people to discover and share events around the city. The site covers various categories ranging from Art, Theatre, Movies, Food, Deals, Music, Dance, Night Life , Travel , Festivals, Kids, outdoor, health and more.

“Kyakare which means “What do I do?” in Hindi has for the first time expanded beyond India by launching the Singapore city section. We are very excited with the new launch in Singapore. This is the first time they are venturing beyond the Indian market and would like to extend their success in India to foreign shores.
Kyakare is a very unique site wherein it allows people to discover and share links of Events around the city thus making it a comprehensive guide for searching Events. Event Organizers can promote their event by easily submitting their Event links to Kyakare and instantly reach out to millions of people around the world. Kyakare also has a rich integration with Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and allows one to easily share Events with their own friends.
Singaporeans can access the site directly through the url

Keepin’ it real fake: Deceptive Marketing in India

Posted by Soham Pal | Posted in Media, Review | Posted on 13-08-2009

We’ve all made fun of those iPhone clones infesting the market. However I’ve seen only a few people appalled by the deceptive marketing bonanza that this device has caused in the subcontinent. If calling it the E-Phone weren’t enough, they decide to go an extra mile by blatantly reusing an official image of the aforementioned device.

What’s surprising is the fact that the press seems to have completely waived off it’s responsibility in publishing such an advertisement. The fact that an advertisement like this has actually made itself to the print edition of such a premiere newspaper explains why we need more attention towards monitoring of advertisements in the country. Surely, such an advertisement would be laughable if it ended up on the frontpage of the New York Times, perhaps followed immediately by a lawsuit. Why should things be different in India?

As requested by someone, here’s what the advertisement reads:

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Facebook: Ramping on Orkut’s decline

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Media, Review | Posted on 21-07-2009

The swift growth of Facebook and loosing grounds of Orkut recently made me think what is there in the Facebook that Google is lacking to offer in Orkut? And why Orkut failed? And after a lot of search on the internet and personal judgments, I concluded: there are so many reasons out there that really made Google to see decline in this space. I think the reason why people use Facebook (at least, the reason I do) is that it’s fun. I do have access to both an Orkut and Facebook account and find myself using Facebook the majority of the time. I actually prefer Facebook when comparing Orkut versus Facebook from a usability perspective.

Facebook has become very popular in North America over the last few years whereas Orkut is extremely popular in India. Facebook has an origin at the Harvard University and was launched in February, 2004 (just a month after Orkut was launched). Orkut is run by Google and was named after Orkut Buyukkoten (Its creator).

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Michael Jackson – The King of Pop

Posted by Shikha Kedia | Posted in Media | Posted on 19-07-2009

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson (29th August, 1958 – 25th June, 2009) does not need any introduction. He was a very popular and renowned American recording artist.

The sudden and recent death of MJ had made me curious which instigated me to do a bit of search over the internet. I also glanced through his autobiography, Moon Walk by Michael Jackson (1988) which clarified a lot of my doubts about the great artist.

Michael Jackson is a very popular artist in India. If we would compare MJ with any other popular international artists like Presley, The Beatles, Westlife, Eagles, Backstreet Boys or other such popular international entertainers, most (over 90%) of Indian population knows MJ but a very lesser population (mostly restricted to youth) would be aware of various other artist. I would not go into giving you general details about MJ, but would like to share my thoughts on the various of his aspects.
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