Designing – Is it an ART!

Posted by Surbhi Nangalia | Posted in Designing, Web | Posted on 14-09-2011

Have you ever thought that why a Designer love to be called an Artist? No? I may explain why.

It is hence elementary to know where does ‘Designing’ hail from. Without any much ado, let’s dive into the evolution of the concept: Design is oriented from Art. It is but for only Art that designing is possible! The flair required in crafting an artwork could be scaled equally as in required for coming up with an attractive and a great design.

In simple words, when an Art got promoted from just being praised to something which can also be used, it started being called as Design.

Previously, when the concept designing was not used, it had been difficult for people to explain their thoughts and ideas. They have to spend days in making samples of any product, which caused wastage of resources (if rejected). But when people started making Designs with the help of Art, it became easier to explain their thoughts in a simpler way, as required, without wastage of time and resource – Now a machinery designer doesn’t have to make the complete machine to explain its functions, s/he can even design it on a sheet to explain everything.

Now the second issue is that how will the design be able to describe its purpose and use. A design can successfully describe its purpose only with the help of Art. A person needs to be a good artist for becoming a successful designer. Imagine, Manish Malhotra designs an Indy-western outfit on a piece of paper and its difficult to comprehend from his sketch the exact idea, then? Of course he is a renowned designer and is adept in drawing his Designs very
well for others. Hence, we know that the clarity and skill required in making a Design comes from Art in deed.

It is true that Design is not just about Art, but its true either that Design is an Art after all!

Feel free to share what do you believe – Is Designing an ART or NOT!

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