Esplanade (Dharmatalla)

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Jawaharlal Nehru Road and
Lenin Sarani Road Crossing,
Kolkata – 700001
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Did you know

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Road was named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India (ofcourse, you know that)
  2. “Esplanade” stands for open area close to a river body.
  3. The area was named Esplanade even before 1784 because of it’s proximity with Ganges/Hooghly.
  4. “Dharmatala” means Holy Street.
  5. Tipu Sultan Mosque (at Jawaharlal Nehru Road) was built in 1842, by Prince Gholam Mohammad (youngest son of Tipu Sultan).
  6. Chandni market was established in 1794 and was then known as Shakespeare’s Bazar.

Esplanade (1940)

Esplanade (1940)

Esplanade (2009)

Esplanade (2009)

Note: K.C. Das, popular for its rossogulla, still exists at the same place (right most edge of the corner building). On the current image you would be able to locate it on a Red banner.

I was not able to achieve the same angle because I wasn’t allowed on the first floor (from where the old image is taken). The first floor was then a chinese restaurant, Chung Saw Restaurant, which has now turned into Chowringee Hotel and Restaurant.

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  1. Tipu Sultan Mosque.
  2. Chung Saw Restaurant.

Comments (10)

  1. Why weren’t you allowed to the first floor?

  2. @Shamasis:
    On the 1st floor from where the photo was taken (corner of the building across the street) is now converted into a hotel room which was already rented out to someone. Bad luck you know!
    May be we can check in for 1 day to match the perfect angle. 😉

  3. “Dharmatala” means Holy Street.

    Dharma => Holi is OK….

    but Tala => Street

    I have a little doubt…
    Tala means basically under…

    It could mean an area under the blessings of Dharma as in

    Nim ke Gaach ke Tale…
    Nile gagan ke tale…

    Naak Tala… Naak ke niche….

    But yeah all these translates and makes Tala into Street in its contextual Use…



    Anyways Hi Guys,
    # Rahul Bharadwaj
    # Chetan Bharadwaj
    # Shikha Kedia
    I got here through you being listed in the Kolkata Bloggers’ meet 2009…

    Looking forward to meet you guys this Saturday in the event…
    @rungss on Twitter

  4. @Bijay:
    Interesting, seems like we have discovered the history of contexual use of tala/talla. It comes from the urdu word talaeh (means “under”).

    Thanks, looking to see you there.

  5. Ohh…

    I didn’t know Bengali has words taken from Urdu…

    I thought they would mostly be from Sanskrit..

    Also I didn’t mention anything about talla…

    Talla means Floor…

    dusra talla tisra talla… etc…


    @rungss on Twitter

  6. Don’t speculate. Confirm from a senior Bengali guy maybe.

    PS: I get an error while posting to your blog using openID “We were unable to authenticate your claimed OpenID, however you can continue to post your comment without OpenID”

  7. There isn’t any speculation here, I was describing the word “talah” as we use it in Hindi and Bijay is referring to usage of same word as in Bengali.
    Anyways, you yourself are a Bengali expert, what do you comment?

    Also, I was able to login with my OpenID (Versign) properly, will discuss the OpenID problem once we meet.

  8. Well… as you know… my expertise in Bengali is as brilliant as that of in Hindi. Nevertheless, I will consult someone and post up.

  9. are you really such fools or are you pretending to be??!!!
    tala = place, in bengali…
    tolae/ nichey = under
    so Dharmatala means Holy Place

  10. To all my surprises i found this picture of my house on this page. I along with my family still live in this building and not just that running a well know restaurant on the ground floor.
    My special thanks to the photographer..

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