Exclusive take on f8 2011!

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The wait is over. f8 2011 brought something which you could not imagine. No one did. If you missed the f8 conference, read this exclusive take on f8 2011.

After Google’s Google+, it was very much expected that fb would launch something that will prove its superiority. And to add on to that, Google+ wont be able to do what Orkut could not.

The two major announcements:

  • Streaming of music and video, and
  • It’s year’s of work the ‘Timeline’.

What is this Open Graph and how is this streaming going to take place?

The open graph/ social graph enables the users’ to tune to the same video or music that their friend’s are listening, in a real time mode, in collaboration with Spotify and Nike+.

Now you can just not ‘like’ the post rather you can be watching the same video and listening the same yourself. This is going to be possible with apps as well. FB also promises to make this thing possible on mobiles.

The new ticker (showing updates of your friends) on the right side of the screen will give you the recent activity of your friends and then you can click on that and stream to the same. The most fundamental thing is that when you like something your friends would be able to see it after some time but the streaming will make them view it immediately.

Down the years…on timeline!

If you have been accumulating pictures and information for over years and you want them in a package, a synopsis of it the, Timeline is the new thing. It will give a visitor a synopsis, an accumulated set of all your information. Timeline is your story on facebook, back till the day when you used to ask your friends’ “What is a ‘status’?”. 😛

As Mark, CEO FB, says “It contains all your stories, all your apps and a new way express who you are.

Though this timeline feature is not available for the mass. But this is an exclusive link to what the profile will look like after it is launched for the mass on 30th September.


(Where you see Chetan Bharadwaj, Co-Founder, Fourdy Solutions)

On a personal note, I am very much impressed with the whole new thing and I can make just one comment – “It will take Google, years to reach the spot Facebook is at today.”

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