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Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Chetan Bharadwaj, Fourdy | Posted on 09-05-2014


Almost 5 days down from our new website launch and it’s been a fantastic feeling experiencing the change. We prefer calling it “A Little Big Change” though it was a massive overhaul and biggest in our 6 years of existence.

On the very announcement that we are soon making a change mid last month we received positive response from close members and facebook friends. To add a tingle we added an exciting Curtain Raiser on fourdyindia.com until we launched. That in return added an element of  curiosity in the air. Visitors kept refreshing or asking to see the revamp – Behind the scenes while our team kept working boundlessly to establish something that can be elegant and flawless – We didn’t wanted you to wait long nor were we contented.
The new look better represents the powerful, innovative features and services we’ve become known for; But in that creative way people have come to expect from us.

Finally on the evening of 4th May 2014 Sunday the site seem ready and underwent the basic testing before going live. It’s been years since we launched the other website you were looking at earlier, and our approach to the industry as well the client base changed quite a bit since then. So an  update was required!

After the “little big change” we see more user using this as a platform than a website, and that was the greatest thing about the re-haul. The most awesome aspect of the revamp is it’ll always be a work in progress…paving the way for new things.

If you missed to witness the launch, go ahead and do it now

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