Facebook 2012

Posted by Shikha Kedia | Posted in Review, Social Media | Posted on 03-05-2012

Facebook as we know has undergone a lot of changes this year which in turn had a great impact on the fan falling of the page. The foremost being FanGate.  Yes, we NO more have the fanGate as the default landing page for Facebook. This means you can’t restrict users from viewing your page without liking it. PHEW! So does this mean that your fan falling would reduce drastically. Don’t worry the app would still be there but not as the default landing page. So if you are linking your facebook page to your website or elsewhere you can hardcode the link directly but this has a disadvantage too, it would even push your existing users to the fanGate :( . To escape this you can design the fanGate in a way that it reads “existing users click here to visit our wall”.

The 2nd important change is Pinned Photos. Facebook allows admin to select a post (posted by admin) to appear on top of the page. This means that the admin controls what appears first on the page!. So you already know how to take advantage of this 😉

Next on the line is the page apps. You can define the order in which your apps would appear. Its a asset for app developers as you can showcase your important apps prominently.

Another added advantage is the cover photo. What is it? As the name suggests it acts as cover to your profile and has a width of about 852 pixels. The idea now is to design the cover photo in a way which creates a brand impression and forces users to like the page.

Last but not the least is the private messaging for fans. So you no more need to have a profile to exchange private messages with your fans. Your FanPage does it all!

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