FOURDY WLOG: What’s in the name?

Posted by Rahul Bharadwaj | Posted in Introduction | Posted on 29-08-2009

I have been answering this question almost everyday and hence, to make it easy, I thought I would blog it down.

From where did the term “FOURDY” evolved from?

FOURDY, as most of you might know, is not a dictionary term. So when and from where and did it come?

The word was drafted by me in 2005 inspired from the term “4th Dimension”. We all are aware of the 3 dimensions (represented by x,y and z axis) but there is also a concept of the 4th dimension – which is representation of the 3 dimensions at a different point of time. For example, if there is a cube we could all define it’s position in terms of x,y and z axis but with the concept of time, where would that cube be (may be a couple of seconds later?) How do you define that? Well, it’s the 4th Dimension.

Impressed by the word 4th Dimension, I decided that I would name my firm as 4D (abbreviation for 4th Dimension.) Not too late, I realized that the term and the concept was too common. But, until then, I had fallen in love with the expression, 4D and this is when the term FOURDY was coined because when you pronounce 4D; it would be spelled as FOURDY :)

And what’s with “WLOG”?

Some of you have also asked me why is it Wlog and not Blog, did I mis-spelled it? No, I didn’t. For understanding the concept of Wlog you would have to go back to the time when the word Blog was first used. Blog has been derived from 2 prime words “Web Log.” Hence, the actual word is “B log,” where the “B” has been borrowed from the word “web.”

When I came up with the idea of having a common blog, I didn’t had any specific topic in mind to blog on and treated it as a genrenal (or without specific) blog. And this is when I decided that I would name it Wlog (actually, abbreviation of Web log) as it would also support my idea of being general as WLOG also stands for “Without loss of Generality”

So now you know where “FOURDY” and “WLOG” comes from, please do not ask me again :)

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  1. yaar tum bahar se ghum ke aaya hai..
    i thought ki kuch fresh ideas laya hoga..
    lagta hai tum khud fresh nahi hua…
    beta kuch samajh me nahi aaya..
    sab upar se nikal gaya…
    kaahe paka rela hai re…


  2. Nice concept Rahul Sir.
    Its always known that Rahul has the best conceptualisation power. If you want some more proves just visit the Related Sites given along side.

    All of them are conceptualised by Sirji.
    Hats Off to you.

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