Google+ Complimenting your e-life!

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Review, Web | Posted on 03-07-2011

Do you see the mysterious black bar at the top of the Google page? No, that’s not design, no theme.

Its an attempt from Google to do what Orkut could not. Google Inc. comes up the Google+ to its rival Facebook which has more than half a billion users.

What is Google+?

It is a social networking application which let users share and discuss status updates, photos and links. The most significant feature about this is that it has an interface which is unlike the other social networking site.

It is rather a mix of Google Profiles, Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. Twitter because its circles is same like ‘follow’ and Facebook because of the sharing of the ‘status’ and ‘updates’.


It’s just a beta version which is out on net, which is just like a trial of a software which is about to be launched for free. To join you need go get an ‘invite’. Some features you would find on Google+.

  • Circles: Simply make groups of people viz. family, friends, etc.
  • Hangout (the best feature from our side) : the ultimate group video chat. : Just know whom you are hanging out with 😛
  • Instant Upload: Upload videos and photos and keep them in a secret album.
  • Streams: Via this the users can see the updates from the people in the circles. And make comments on them.

Upload pictures and the privacy option is same like other networking sites. You can link your other networking accounts (places where you can be found on web).

An overall good attempt, it had shut down on its launch for its demand, lets what new can it provide in future.

The thing which I personally noticed is that if you remember the movie The Social Network. According to which fB was even launched like a beta version where you needed to have a ‘Haward [dot]’ id, which made it restricted. That’s what Google+ is offering you now. 😛 Slight co-incidence.

Well to get an ‘invite’ drop your email-id here.

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  1. Looks a bit like a public Yammer system with its optional follows and groups. I’m looking forward to it :)

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