How to Get New Knowledge Automatically

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Web | Posted on 13-09-2012

Everyone likes to keep up with the latest trends & news on their favorite subjects, so as a part of your job as an expert blogger will be to keep your readers updated: I’ve outlined an easy way to do this below:

Go to, where we shall set up an alerts to make sure that we get information sent to us automatically when there is new information available online.

For instance, if I wanted to set up an alert about Artificial Intelligence, I had enter that into the search terms: I would then select ‘Everything’, as this will tell me when the search term is mentioned anywhere on web viz., News, blogs, web, video & groups.

The next step would be to select how often do you want an update mail – Your choices are As-it-happens, once a day, or weekly. Recommended is once in a day but definitely it’s up to you.

Then you have to select a email length: here you have the choice of Only the best results or All results.

Lastly, feed in your mail address to get the alerts sent there. Do the same process with your keywords and perhaps a more general term as well to make sure you cover all bases. You can monitor the email address when you want to find new ideas about your topic of interest :)

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