HTC Titan 2 Paving Way For Smarterphones

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in IT Industry, Review, Web | Posted on 29-04-2012

  Titan II is a success for HTC Team. This phone is well packed with all the features for a smartphone. 16MP sensors are rare. HTC Titan II is the best Windows Phone created. Summer 2011 saw the launch Titan. Its sequel was coming and it comes at the same time with the Lumia 900, but apparently Titan 2 seems a better grab.

Have a Look at its features.

The Specs are never ending. Lets check some other features.

I don’t see much shortcoming.

  • Definitely 16GB inst much of storage.
  • No memory card slot.
  • The 720p video recording does not go hand in hand with the camera.
  • The price is much higher as compared to Lumia 900.

Overall, HTC Titan II is paving way for future smartphones. Waiting eagerly for Samsung S III. Hoping for some more monstrous releases. :)

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