India Celebrating Independence Day- Are we ready?

Posted by Siddharth Shukla | Posted in Review | Posted on 15-08-2009

Our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, says that India is ‘Shining Bright’. India is developing and has a growth rate of 7.89 percentages (accounting to a rate higher than that of United Sates of America). Currently our economic growth rate is faster (more than 4 times) than America — Amazing yet true!

India Celebrating 62rd Independance Day
India Celebrating 62nd Independance Day

Barrack Obama, The President of America, acknowledges India’s power and the stimulating developments it has been making in the evolution of mankind. Whatever it be (viz., nuclear science, industrialization, world economy and etc); India is there standing tall in all the spheres and topping most of them. India is shinning isn’t it?

The sky scrappers, mammoth money spilling malls, boutiques, branded stuffs, ATM cards, massive 7 star hotels, pricey gadgets, discotheques, pizza culture, industrialists and many other such ciphers showcases India shinning “bright” isn’t it? Your answer would be in the affirmative probably. If yes, then answer these questions for yourself:
Is India shinning bright on the unemployed huge population of people who are directionless in their lives?
Is India shinning bright on the malnourished men and women dying daily at the roadside?
Is India shinning bright on the large number of children below 18 working in factories?
Is India shinning bright on the family of those martyrs who lost their lives for our independence and have no importance in our mind?
Is India shinning bright on the women who loose their bodies for our lustful hunger in return just to feed their young ones?

Is India shinning bright? It may be shining bright for all, except me. I can’t find it shining…but I want it to…

Do you remember ‘Aila’ recently that came in Kolkata? I do it vividly as I came across some emotions that struck me hard…very hard indeed which lent out my feelings on such a tender topic. That evening we offered our maid some clothes — she refused. We asked her to take back some food to her home — she politely refused that again. Finally on being refused to accept the money we gave her, I was inquisitive to know the reason and I did. She said that she lives on the pavement and resides with her family on a plastic sheet. So the clothes, the money and the food we offered would all get destroyed because of the rain. She wanted nothing from us except to understand her and help her get some medicines for her child who was dying of tuberculosis. I was appalled at the moment and now I find our honorable ministers go on to say that they provide ‘health and basic facilities’ to the lower section of the society — recurring myself on the point of ‘Basic facilities’.

Every day poor people are starving out of hunger and dying because of fatal epidemics in huge numbers and their bodies are left back untreated to be played with the street dogs. But we are still growing with a faster pace than America and shining bright (huh! It feels utterly distraught when I type that statement) so forget the dying people and the miserable all over; let’s party and party harder because it’s 63rd year of Independence. (Can’t we again be the saves under those Englishmen, thinking it was all the same now and then!)

Why is the government sending truck of military to kill and suppress those at Lalgarh. You know why? The reason is obvious — They (people in Lalgarh) have raised their voice in the requirement of basic things such as land, water, employment and etc but the government hates it the most when these ‘bloody poor helpless people…’ ask for something.

We have the right to one vote and even they have the same but then we are enjoying the weather today, celebrating the occasion, watching new releases and they are suffering and dying. Let them die. Who is concerned! Forget the questions I have raised, forget the picture I have shown you, kill the ‘Indian’ inside you and celebrate Independence Day. Forget that ‘shirtless farmer’, forget those stupid people dying at Lalgarh, and forget those dying at the footpaths near you.

I guess you can see India shinning but not me…I can’t…but I want it to…

If you can’t — stretch your hands, move on for a change even if you are alone and make the difference that you want… And then celebrate Independence Day as you would have done justice to the country. Wake up!

“Jaage hai der tak hamein kuch der sone do..thodi si raat aur hai..subah toh hone do..aadhe adhure khawab jo pure naa ho sake ek baar phir se neend mein woh khawab bone do…”

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  1. @Siddharth

    First of all welcome to Fourdy and congrats on ur first post.

    as for ur post…

    Do we believe the PM who himself is the most dependent Indian in the whole world even if we are celebrating the Independence day.

    Do we really need to argue on the things said by the most helpless PM ever.

    Do we trust on the government who has sold our country a numerous times and are ready to buy anything they want. Be it even the MPs and all.

    Do we conceive goodness of the party which is and has made us cry time and again and are now betraying us of what good we did to them by choosing them to power.

    All things have been manipulated. Be it the GDP, growth rate or say the inflation rate. Can you believe a negative inflation rate which never was in the last 30 years even when the prices of daily essentials are increasing like global warming.

    We need to rise up.
    We should be given the power to chuck these types out of our country.

    All are making their seats hot and it is we who are getting burnt-out.

    Its too late and no one will awake in this country. It would have been far better if we would have been ruled by those Britishers.

    Independence is nothing but an ILLUSION.
    A DISGRACE for every Indian.
    A FAKE for all martyrs.
    A SLAP to all patriots.

    Sab sote rahenge. Koi nahi jagega.

    Yogesh Goel

  2. i agree wd u yogesh bhaiya…but thn see its already me n u letting our anger n frustration speak out thru dis wlog….its said that wen u have anger n frustration inside u …thn all incomplete work be it small or big…will be completed wid complete ease…bhaiya…lts do smethn lts not jus be siddharth n yogesh…who one day will b lost in dis ‘DEVELOPED WORLD’ of ours….cme lts do somethn dat will smehow hlp sme sections of india…lts contribute…if no 1 cmes forwrd ppl lyk me n u need to make a move orelse koi aage nai aaega…

  3. The future depends on what we do in the present.
    — Mahatma Gandhi

    dat says it all..

  4. This is probably apt to describe India:

    >INDIA< Action

  5. I.N.D.I.A.

    Its a
    Nation which

  6. If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. ………
    @nirav- u exactly ryt brodr instant action is wat india demands n not fake celebrations of independence day….it demands a hell lot of work which is to be done …
    we need to make a move…..we need to start…n only thn odrs will follow…

  7. @ Yogesh Bhaiya and Sidharth: Sorry but this time I donot support you guys completely.
    Somehow I feel that you have said too many negative things about our nation and government. I do not disagree with anything BUT,
    “We should do something”, “Time for action” are slogans I have been hearing from the time I was born. Its easy to blame ministers and PM. I think individually if we fulfill our duties the “action” required is taken. We have to realize that its everyone’s responsibility to look after the nation and NOT only the ministers. We ourselves do not do anything for the country except blaming the government.
    Answer a question honestly. You are a businessman(as far as I know 😉 ), do you pay your taxes without any manipulation? I am considering your answer as no, I am sure you don’t! None of us do :)

    I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Action doesn’t always mean we do something extraordinary or revolutionary. Its a viscous circle, lets all be good citizens and I hope the government will also reciprocate positively.

  8. sikha di…d picture i have brought forward is bcoz i was struck hard by some really strong emotions…which is hard to describe..but still i did an effort to etch out dat picture in front of u guys…i really appreciate ur comments..this is wat i wanted…i wanted ppl to think over it ….not many but sme have thought upon it n have cme forward wd their comments which are very valuable..i did mah bit to make u guys spare a thought over it…n “We ourselves do not do anything for the country except blaming the government.”..i support this statement of urs di..but thn we have done our “bit”…n have re-elected d same government …vow…if dats wat we call ‘actions’…thn i am sorry the future of our country is blake…but thn certainly personal responsibilities need to be fulfilled…if every1 goes on to do their duties thn i guess we wud have a better place to live in…

  9. hey sorry it wud be shikha di n not sikha di…i made a spelling error..

  10. Yes Siddharth this was the sentence I waiting to hear from you “if every1 goes on to do their duties thn i guess we wud have a better place to live in…”
    I understand that few incidents that happened around you made you feel so strongly against the present system. But the only solution is that we do our “bit”. :)

  11. sry
    no comments..

    this war is endless..

    some r frustrated..
    some r too cool…

    ab hum rahul ko nahi chodega….hmm…
    pura tax bharwayega….

  12. hahaa…gud1 yogesh bhaiya…

  13. @ Yogesh Bhaiya: Rahul poora tax bharta hai…Lols :)

  14. According to a saying by Albert Einstein, [b]“Problems cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them”.[/b] This indicates that we have to stop cribbing the authorities and start performing our duties as an individual. (as Shikha di mentioned)

    We never fail to carp our government for not providing world class solutions and facilities, however how many of us follow our fundamental duties? Remember, to vote is a right and a duty as well. It is a building block of our Nation’s future. If we do not use our franchisee, then we have no right to complain of corrupt people in the political arena. We believe corruption to be the root of all the problems, but we don’t hesitate ourselves when we bribe a peon just to avoid long queues? 😉

    Everywhere we hear people complaining about lack of amenities, increasing crimes, sky rocketing food prices, red tapism , terrorism, injustice etc — but I ask, are we playing our role well? We have no right to criticize others (even when they may be wrong :( ) if we are equally a part of that corruption and procrastination. We, the face of India Tomorrow, should practice what we preach.

    Hey Siddharth Bhaiya I am not trying to comment on your article particularly, but am talking to the youth as a whole. :)

  15. i pity on your thoughts khushboo….no offence…but thn i am not complaining abt nethn if u have read mah article it says…”I guess you can see India shinning but not me…I can’t…but I want it to…”…dat says jus dis much dat i want 2 contribute …i want d youth 2 contribute…i am not dependent upon d “white shirts” sitting in d parliament…its “we”…
    wat i wanted to bring out was dat its gr8 india is progressing in all d fields…and khushboo i appreciate it as well…rather i am “so”…very proud of it but thn i find it useless that why r we goin on harping upon our laurels…
    we r building huge malls,complexes…it sectors…vow…but we r forgetting dat “shirtles” farmer…whose wheat we it in form of roti or pizzas…
    we r forgetting dose few ppl who r dyin daily…but thn we r enjoying ….we r goin on doubling our profits…
    i am not complaining but i am jus askin u guys to spare a thought on it…jus spare a thought…n if it moves u …thn go ahead do watevr u feel is gud…
    i am not complaining but thn i am jus makin u aware dat it was basic things dat the ppl of lalgarh demanded but thn dey wre shot down n termd as maoists..kul…dats independence day…d line says …india celebrating independence day…r we ready?…
    dats it khushboo…i am jus askin mah “honourable” frns …to realise…to ponder…if necessary …thn to act…
    i am awaken …r u?(in general..)

  16. Yes Siddharth, we truly understand that the incident like that of Lalgarh symbolizes the discourteous and careless action of the Government, and this has brought about a sense of unrest in us.
    I feel we youth have same thought process. Its just that instead of arousing our indignation we have to move on with our duties.

  17. yes u r very ryt…shikha di..

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