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Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in IT Industry, Web | Posted on 19-08-2010

No, it’s not a battle to the death, just an opportunity to point out the distinction between these two words that are increasingly being used interchangeably.


What is Internet?

The Internet is a network of connected computers. No company owns the internet. It is a cooperative effort governed by a system of standards and rules. The  purpose of connecting computers together, of course, is to share information between the networks. There are many ways information can he passed between computers, including email, file transfer (FTP), and many more specialized modes upon which the Internet is built. These standardized methods for transferring data or document over a network are known as protocols.

What is World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web (aka Web) is just one of the ways information can be disseminated over the Internet. It is unique in that it allows documents to be linked to one another using hypertext links— thus forming a huge “web” of connected information. The Web uses a protocol called HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) to transmit data. If you’ve spent any time using the Web, that acronym should look familiar because it is the first four letters of nearly all website addresses. So the Web is only a portion of the Internet, albeit a large portion therefore;

The Internet and Web are two separate but related things which shouldn’t be confused. :)

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  1. Precise but informative!

  2. A good example of brevity.. Nice post.

  3. Well put. :3
    It’s really annoying when people use the terms as if they’re interchangeable.

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