Iphone 4S @ 45K in India

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Review | Posted on 05-10-2011

Apple has evolved as the most dominating. When you were expecting the Iphone 5 it comes out with Iphone 4S.  The point is: It does not give what you want. It gives you what it wants to give you.

What’s new in Iphone 4S?

  • Supports Dual-Core A5 CPU. You have seen this. Where? Tell us.
  • Five-lens Camera – 8 MP – with illuminated CMOS sensor. (Better Low-light pictures)
  • Capture a video at 1080p resolution. Now that’s what I call FULL HD.
  • Available in two versions: GSM and CDMA,
  • Has to two antennas for world-wide roaming.
  • 8-hours talk-time battery on 3G and 14 on 2G.
  • Play Videos for up to 10-hours.
  • Pump the volume for 40-hours.

Hitting the ships on 7th October and the retails on 14th October. It will available in US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany and Japan. At Prices:

  • $199 (Approximately Rs. 9,900) for 16GB
  • $299 (Approximately Rs. 14,900) for 32GB
  • $399 (Approximately Rs. 19,900) for 64GB

And for readers in India – the Iphone 4s has been priced at

  • 44, 500 INR for 16GB
  • 50, 900 INR for 32GB
  • 57,900 INR for 64Gb

Grab it before you lose it. 😛

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