It’s the Festives & Shopping is Now ONLINE!

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Online shopping in its term mean shopping online. It is a B2C (Business to Consumer) business strategy. A virtual way of buying and selling, like they do in a roofed area, at their rest; directly from home. This form of electronic commerce has evolved big deal all over the world.

Well not only for girls, for everyone it is a hectic to carry bags and then themselves. 😛
In simple terms it is like Hindi saying ‘credit card swap karo, aish karo’.

Come, lets get acquainted the modern shopping online shopping trend.

The Reverse

The first online shopping on web was created by Tim Berners Lee back in 1991. After that it was Pizza Hut which started its online business in 1994 along with the German company Intershop. Then appeared the famous Amazon and eBay. It was from Amazon and eBay that this business flourished and the rest you can see it yourself; every other day you get another mail.

What do you need?

  • A Computer/Laptop/Application with easy access to internet.
  • A Debit/ Credit Card (as very few e-shops allow cash on delivery)
  • And some time (to choose from the huge variety of items.)

Consumer network

Though till the past it was so believed that the customers to this B2C shopping on web were in general the people with higher level of income, education and occupation. But with the evolution of networking the customer network has expanded.

How it works?

Here once the customer logs into the account he can choose the items and store them in a virtual ‘shopping cart’. Cart is a place where the items selected by the customer is accumulated and then when the customer checks out, he finally chooses among the items selected those that he actually wants to purchase. At this stage (or after the checking out, for some sites) the customer feeds in the payment details. Then the customer is intimated about the progress via SMS and E-Mails.


Most of the shopping sites take payment via Credit cards and Debit cards; but due to security reasons the customer isn’t comfortable to give the details of his card on web. So for such group there are sites which take payment on delivery (better known as ‘cash-on-delivery’ with extra charges) or the billed amount is added to phone bills.

Is it secure?

Security is what the customer and the merchant is worried about. It can be the concern both ways. The customer is at the risk of leaking his credit/debit card number. And the merchant is at the risk of fraudulent purchases from stolen credit cards.

Identity threats and phishing and stealing of data from the merchant’s site via spamming is very common. (That is why you see those jumbled numbers and alphabets, called captcha).

The way out..

To overcome the problems, standards must be set for all the websites. The sites must be rated based on assessments, quality, service and anonymous feedback, to ensure that the consumer and the merchant both are safe.

Well, its the festive season. Happy Shopping! :)

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