Keep off from Stimulant Drinks

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in General | Posted on 11-09-2009

stimulantWhenever someone becomes tired s/he takes some drinks like coffee, tea or cocoa products which give an apparent stimuli for the time being, but this relief does not last long. The moment the effect of coffee or tea or cocoa wears off, the blood sugar level drops. This repeated shooting up and falling down of sugar levels affects the efficiency of the heart and weakens it.

Various stimulants and their impact on our health.

Coffee: Effect of caffeine in body will be as harmful as any drug in the long run. It’s an stimulant to the human brain and nervous system and stimulates the flow of gastric juices which weakens the ability of the system to secrete digestive juices. Tea: It contains tannic acid which is used in tanning of leather. This will tan the digestive tract and impair the normal secretion of digestive juices and their reaction on food leading to indigestion.

Cocoa: It contains theobromine which has been found to cause cardiac ailments, nervous disorders, chronic headache. Soft drinks: Aerated drinks should not be taken in excess as it creates acidity. These drinks are habitforming and can become an addiction if taken regularly causing much damage to our system in the long run. If they stop taking their daily dose, they tend to experience withdrawal symptoms like severe headache.


Ulcer and gastric problems. Irregular heart beat leading to risk of heart disease. Raises the blood pressure. Creates hyper acidity. High blood sugar. Risk of cancer. May increase reproductive loss if taken in high levels by women. Rich and creamy coffee contains hydrogenated coconut oil which is bad for health. Kills appetite. Restlessness, nervousness, irritability and sleeplessness.


The best stimulant for a sagging spirit is sufficient rest, proper mental make up and determination. A plain cup of cold water and a cold wash all over or at least the face and the head may give you the needed freshening up.

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  1. “Cocoa: It contains theobromine which has been found to cause cardiac ailments, nervous disorders, chronic headache”. Hmm, from what I have read Cocoa is exceptionally good for you, reducing your risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. I don’t know what cardiac ailments you are talking about, because there is abundant evidence that cocoa is exceptionally good for blood pressure and your heart…?

  2. I stand corrected on that – happy for you to point me to something which is solid evidence to the contrary. Thanks!

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