Keepin’ it real fake: Deceptive Marketing in India

Posted by Soham Pal | Posted in Media, Review | Posted on 13-08-2009

We’ve all made fun of those iPhone clones infesting the market. However I’ve seen only a few people appalled by the deceptive marketing bonanza that this device has caused in the subcontinent. If calling it the E-Phone weren’t enough, they decide to go an extra mile by blatantly reusing an official image of the aforementioned device.

What’s surprising is the fact that the press seems to have completely waived off it’s responsibility in publishing such an advertisement. The fact that an advertisement like this has actually made itself to the print edition of such a premiere newspaper explains why we need more attention towards monitoring of advertisements in the country. Surely, such an advertisement would be laughable if it ended up on the frontpage of the New York Times, perhaps followed immediately by a lawsuit. Why should things be different in India?

As requested by someone, here’s what the advertisement reads:

  • 2GB memory card
  • 3.0″ TFT Screen, MP3, MP4 & FM Radio
  • Breakthrough internet device
  • 2 Mega Pixel Digital camera
  • Touch screen & hand writing
  • Dual sim cards working same time
  • Shake function
  • Bluetooth, support T-flash card & GPRS system.

Each èphone has an unique IEMI No.

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  1. Great work Soham! The media should understand its responsibilities. People trust them, so its their duty that while reaching out to masses they be sure of what they are promoting.
    In fact the same goes for celebrities. They promote things which in real life they would never even like to see.
    A small example: Amitabh Bachchan trying to convince us that Navratna Tel is the best and that Rin washing powder is the perfect detergent for clothes.
    Do you think he ever uses any of these products.:)
    Its very important for them to realize that the common mass idealizes them and blindly trust products they endorse.
    Some other Loyal Brand ambassadors!

    1. Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor endorsing hair removal creams! Really expect us to believe that they use them?

    2. Shahrukh Khan endorsing Fair & Handsome – Huh! could he?

    3. Kareena Kapoor endorsing Kurkure – Yes we know that Kurkure is the reason behind her Size Zero figure 😉

    4. Kareena Kapoor endorsing Boro Plus – It wouldn’t be so funny if she didn’t say in her interviews that she only uses imported brands.

    5. Asin and Dhoni endorsing Big Bazaar – So believable, isn’t it?

  2. Very well said Shikha.

    Very well written Soham.

    Welcome here.

    Yogesh Goel

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