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Posted by Rahul Bharadwaj | Posted in IT Industry, Kolkata | Posted on 03-08-2009

With internet becoming common, the disparity between the West and the East have started to reduce. Knowledge about almost everything is much easily available which in turn led to much faster development of Eastern nation like India, China and other surrounding countries. This has led to development of almost all industries, be it Iron & Steel, BPO, Hospitality, IT or any other. But, there is one thing that we still miss out, that is, we (eastern countries) are still dependent on the west when it comes to discovering or trend setting. As I am from the web industry, which is one of the most dynamic industries of the current times, I tend to feel that somewhere Indians are left out in the race.

The world has always believed that Indian are one of the most intelligent amongst all, but somehow I believe, web industry does not live upto that expectation. Indian web and software services are well known for their “cost effective” work. Over 70% of the software/web projects are outsourced from countries like USA, UK and Australia to Indian sub-continent but lately the “trust” factor seems to be evaporating from the minds of western outsourcers (Views wanted). Primary reason: the quality of end product.

I personally feel that this have happened because of the absolute unorganized arrangement of service providers in India which gives birth to the idea of having a common “association” or “forum” for application development companies. This Association can lay guidelines to work structure, pay scales, quality and technology. We can also have periodic meets to discuss the possible threats to/opportunities for web development industry. This would act as a common platform for the professionals of the industry to pool in their ideas. In my prior discussions with some companies, the idea had been accepted whole heartedly but the initial launch pad was still missing. Can Kolkata Blogger’s Meet be the push that it requires?

When I’d come to know about Kolkata Blogger’s meet, I had an idea that it was more about only blogging rather than the complete umbrella of services which were stringed to it. But, after my discussion with Kamanashish who seemed very interested in the same idea I am trying to give this concept another try where we can form an association of like minded application/software/web developers to discuss trends, threats and formulate new ideas and step forward when others are still thinking. Sounds good? if yes, see you at 2nd Blogger’s meet, Kolkata (find the details below).

Kolkata Blogger’s Meet 2009

8th August, 2009 | Saturday
05.00 pm onwards
Cafe Coffee Day, Sector 5
Salt Lake, Kolkata

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  1. Yes you are right Rahul. There were disparities between East and West and lots of web related development has took place in West because of their organised behavior, exposure to the resources and acceptance of the real talents and this is still there. Surprisingly Indians are doing well in this regard (web business) staying there in West. Hope in this meet we could build a platform at India level to have some great ideas to flow.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    We spoke in the KBM last Sat. I wanted to connected to you on something on the above lines which you talking. I have given my email id. Can we connect? Drop me a line.


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