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It has been about a year that I have been administering the content on The whole work started as a “variation” of Content Writing (which I was into during that time). During the initial stages I teamed up with one other member of FOURDY SOLUTIONS, but lately I have been doing it by myself under the guidance of Baselal Killekar, Chief Editor at The project was routed by my brother, Rahul Bharadwaj as an extension of the development services that he provided to kyakare.

Kyakare is an event calendaring website, the name of which stems from a Hindi word meaning — What do I/we do? The site started with the metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and subsequently covered Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Goa. What you’ll find is a glut of events covering various field of interest (like arts, college, courses, dance, deals, eating, exhibition, health, kids, movies, music, seminar, theater, workshop and etc) for each calendar day.

The mind behind the concept of this event listing site strongly felt the necessity to list the events happening in the city online so that any event related information could be surfed without actually turning through the pages of the newspaper tediously.

At Kyakare the look of the site is kept quite simple & ad free without fussing too much on graphic elements which enables it to be among the few of the umpteen sites that tend to register in the viewer’s mind. Unlike other websites, the aim of the site is not to procure revenue by placing a lot of advertisements or increase page hits, but the actual goal remains in providing users with excellent services & earn their trust; which is a reward in itself. The site is a perfect example of a place to discover and share an event.

The homepage showcases the day’s events under all the 19 different categories, events coming soon, recent posted, and most viewed. Each event listing contains a short title to the event, a description, timings, the venue and other contact information where available.

The site also gives user the facility of registering on the site and becoming its member and thereby creating a personal profile of their own. The registered members (people) can rate the events, ‘Like it’ by clicking on the like it option, add people to their friend list and interact with other members through messaging feature within the site. Anyone (without registering) can feed in information about any event happening in the city. RSS feeds are also available. There is lot more interesting features aside from the few mentioned yet which makes this site superior than any other.

In 2009, got listed in the ‘Top 25 Hottest Indian Web Companies’ – has come this far without spending much on marketing and advertisements. All that the team at Kyakare did was to focus on their jobs and provide fabulous service. With every passing day we saw the enterprise grow, slowly but surely. We received new members and events regularly- with over more than 30,000 event listings and 500 registered members since its inception in 2007, is looking forward to make it’s presence feel in more cities in a year’s time. There is nothing specific laid out for 2010; instead strategies are modified on a weekly basis depending on what suits best.

Being a part of the Kyakare team and a web administrator, I could only wish a good luck to the people there for future and hope that the site gains an excellent and viable readership!

Interested in this event listing site, or thinking aaj kya kare, then visit

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  3. With dedicated Web Administrators like you the site is sure to gain excellent readership.
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  4. @Shamasis — Thank you so much once again.

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