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Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Review, Web | Posted on 07-08-2011

If you have wanted to learn new languages and the only time you are free is at night after all that you have planned for the day goes wrong and you don’t get time to go for classes. The Fourdy Wlog brings a good news for you.
The E-world has the tutor, in your house and for FREE 😛

What is Livemocha [dot] com? is a graphic user interface where you can learn up to more than 35 languages and there are more than 9 million users spread over 200 countries. It provides you for a free and paid version of classes which can improve the language which you want to learn. It takes only 60 seconds to register; you can do so using your Facebook account or your mail accounts.

Along with learning you can even teach others. Help them with their language problems.

The learning is divided into different levels. Each divided into subsection. Starting from amateur to professional (fluent).  You can post your ‘homework’ as in text format and in audio format depending upon the level you are in. This will be reviewed by many people who are active and are fluent in that language.

This way you learn while you teach. 😛 To check out visit

Watch the Livemocha’s demo here:

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