Management Quota: Money Killing Merits

Posted by Shweta Chourasia | Posted in Management, Review | Posted on 07-10-2011

Management quota means backdoor entry in colleges. For many students getting admission to any top colleges is almost impossible because of the high competition and snoring cut off. For them management quota is an option to get admission in the good and renowned colleges by just paying fees which is higher than general quota seat…

How to know where this quota is available?

Well as this is a backdoor entry. The colleges themselves don’t advertise this in public. But there are many Educational Consultancy which helps you to get admission in different institutes with management quota.

What are the various process of the educational consultancy?

They follow a systematic approach in order to get admission into best colleges.

Firstly, they organize meeting with the student and their parents to know their interest, goal and their financial capabilities. According to their package they can select the available institute.

Then if the client agrees to go further with the agreement, then they prepare the documents in which the assigning amount given to the institute and the educational consultant is mentioned.

After knowing all this, you would feel its easy and good to get admission in any college. But what is the biggest point hidden over here is, you can get various educational consultancy which will promise you to get admission in good colleges but this is how MERIT is being KILLED by MONEY.

Its true all are not born genius but the ones who have worked hard to get into those colleges, their seats are lost because of management quota system.

Feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what do you think – Is Management Quota good for the economic future of our country?

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Comments (8)

  1. Management quota is a big threat to our education system. It is ruining the future of brilliant students who deserve to be in the colleges where maximum seats are occupied by the people with money power.

    It should be banned.

  2. Quota system itself is a threat. Many undeserving take place of the deserving ones. Something has to be done for it.

  3. Yeah! friends rightly said. It should be banned or something needs to be done for that. Don’t know why even after this being so open, the process still goes on and people who are following anti-corruption also helping such consultancy to raise their funds.
    Isn’t that something on which people should be ashamed of themselves?

  4. It was actually started for the development of administration. But now-a-days due 2 this system many poor and talented student cant take admission in his/her dream college because of the quota system.

    Its exactly shows how Indian education system works.

  5. obviously it is a big threat to the people who are capable and surely it should be abolished.

  6. I oppose management quota. but readers u ‘ll be surprise that, with that, I will take admission in NIRMA, or like that… TRUTH is truth. You know that.

  7. management quota is really killing d genious….or i may say d future of country….money is d ultimate power behind dis….it sorts genious and bugbear ones……they noe hw to sort them……

  8. the whole quota system is messed up. Quotas of any kind should not be at a higher education level. But this is India where the only thing that talks is money, and as long as it works out for those getting paid…

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