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startup-saturdayI got up this morning with a phone call from a friend of mine planning for a hangout in the evening. After I was done with him, few thoughts flew in my mind as I rested back in my bed for another nap as it was Sunday (supposedly a holiday or a day when WE meet to enjoy, keep up the discussions that we had throughout the tight working schedule of the week). I was thinking why the damn we couldn’t have a good movie to watch this weekend? Though this statement sounds little prejudicing as we’ve lot of another options rather than a movie. What I mean is why are WE not catching up today. When I mention WE; I intend to indicate at the group FOURDY that we have formed in the recent past without actually coming to the terms that we are a group or an association of like minds with expertise in variant fields.

Yesterday evening we were obliged to attend the Startup Saturday– an event for entrepreneurs to discuss, present, network and learn from prospective customers, adopters, peers, partners and investors, organized by the Headstart Networks at Globsyn Business School, Salt Lake. For the reason that we departed little earlier than the event winded up, we missed the Startcamp Pitch but were lucky enough to witness the session by Dr. G. D. Gautama (Principal Secretary at Department of Power & Non-conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of West Bengal), a questionnaire round on IT Industry and a talk by Abhishek Rungta (CEO at Indus Net Acedemy) about his journey while his company expanded from Kolkata to Chennai to London. It was an enriching event not only for the startup businesses but also for the aspiring entrepreneurs in any industry.

Now what I’ll mention would definitely make you laugh because the happening has got so frequent with us that we always need to mention it for apologies? After moving from the Globsyn Business School, we found one of the tyres of our car was punctured and we unfortunately didn’t have the Stephaney (an extra tyre) again. This time neither Justdial nor Arihant Enterprise played a role in being a god-sent, but instead we have tons of gratitude to express to Shikha’s Uncle who got us an extra tyre at the spot. After this we moved out for a sumptuous dinner at Barbeque, Park Street and returned back home late at 12o’clock tasting the different flavors of ice-cream at Mammia Gelanto. It was a wonderful weekend that went so marvelously without much effort on planning. While we were returning, I became happy on a thought that the week hasn’t ended and actually Sunday is left! Thinking that I’ve got enough time and less work to do, I messaged my friends for a Lunch just to catch up with them after a long time. And Sunday has come finally. It’s just morning and I will have throughout the day.

Huh, between all this I forgot to mention one of my life’s most adventurous happening that occurred yesterday (I was praying god to give me another opportunity to travel after this one). While going to office I almost clanged outside the bus for half of the journey until I really got space to push myself inside the bus. I hung outside the bus with only one hand and a leg inside the bus. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. Well, as a fact, I’m unhappy with the current public transport systems at Kolkata- autos are not running for the short distances and the old buses have been removed. People have to wait for hours to get a bus which indeed takes you on a ‘lifetime rides’. It’s not far that we will find passengers climbing on the roof of the bus and hanging on the window’s until they reach their destination. Please Govt. of Bengal, from anywhere read the blog and listens to our request of good transportation facility!

amar-durga-pujaAs I am coming towards the end of what I am writing, there is a good news. While I was sad that WE are not meeting up this sunday and started expressing through my post, I learnt that we are meeting at 5o’clock in the evening at FOURDY SOLUTIONS to discuss further on our upcoming online photography contest- ADP (Amar Durga Puja) this Durga puja. Yupiiee, I am happy and glad to meet them all together :)

Follow our group- FOURDY and ADP updates page at Facebook and we will keep you informed about the minutest of the  detail.

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    Good to see you sharing your experience at Startup Saturday here.

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