Near Field Communication – Next Big thing in Wireless Industry

Posted by Shweta Chourasia | Posted in IT Industry | Posted on 01-09-2011

Wireless industry, totally driven by innovation, has been the industry to watch out for some time now; with the introduction of the buzzword Near Field Communication (NFC). Since the time Google announced incorporating near-field communication (NFC) capability into the Android platform, Apple is widely rumored to be planning for the same in iPhone’s next version. All the more, Nokia has promised to equip all its Smart phones with the technology by the close of 2011.

For those unaware about NFC?

Near field communication, or NFC is a set of short-range wireless connectivity using the magnectic field induction for communication when touched together or brought within a certain distance field.

Why this excitement about NFC?

NFC uses the technology close to the one used in smartcards used while traveling in metros OR the punch cards seen at your office. Plethora of opportunities have been opened for new ventures to develop software/hardware to be used at the seller’s edge with the adoption of NFC technology.

Comparing NFC with other Wireless technologies prevailing the industry:

  • Against wireless communication technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; NFC does not require users to enter the processing information manually.
  • NFC is preferred for payment methods (in ATM) over other communication technology due to its fast & automatic connections.
  • With the advantage of only working at very short distance, the technology empowers the applications avoid involvement of fraudulent connections and external interference.
  • Must be wondering why NFC over Bluetooth: Even though Bluetooth and NFC uses short range frequency, the latter consumes much less power and does not require pairing.

In the end, with the introduction of NFC in Wireless world there are lots of challenges and opportunities spotted to be worked upon that has always brought the best out of entrepreneurs around.

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