NFC: The X-gen technology.

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This has massive benefits and has endless technology applications you can’t imagine even.  – Your cell becomes your credit card. Know how?

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NFC abbv. for Near Field Communication.

With a NFC enabled gadget/ Smartphone –  When you bring two NFC enabled gadgets close the data can be transferred – Data does not only include the files. It includes – electronic payments – reservation numbers – such similar single use data which have to be placed to avail a benefit. This data can be credit card information, coupons, ticket and more of these sensitive data.

NFC is based on the RFID technology – that is Radio Frequency Identification – We all use the RFID unknowingly. The prevalent example being Master Card -There’s a RFID chip installed on your credit card that, when tapped on the payment station, will complete your purchase. NFC is a similar technology but implemented from mobile phones.

For a NFC to work you need – the required hardware + the software to operate that.

How will it be handy?

  • You get rid of the credit card and debit card – You get the pin in your NFC mobile and then download the app required – what you can do now is when you move out of the store you just need to wave you NFC phone near the NFC-enabled cash register and your transaction is reflected. NFC phones have that antenna and the device required. But this app wouldn’t do a thing if the phone does not have an NFC chip already built-in. – the phone becomes you Credit Card.
  • This can even be used to read data from something you find randomly: you could tap your phone on the reader tag in a movie poster and it would begin playing the movie trailer, provide theater times, locations, and so on.
  • You can just wave your phone at the security gate’s authentications point and you can confirm your flight and seat at the airport.
  • Similarly you can use the NFC ticket which can be used to unlock the pay-per-car.
  • You can unlock the hotel rooms which are either reserved or are card locked.

It has massive benefits and has endless technology applications you can’t imagine even.

How is this different from Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is just a way to send data and this is a faster way to send sensitive data.

Status as of now.

This tech has been around for several years, and the only place it’s found real success to date is in Japan. This could not become prominent because this is said to be ahead of time. At present the world does not needs a technology like this but steps are been taken by Samsung, Google, Nokia and Blackberry to implement this in the new mobiles. Some companies are offering it on order.

Glitchy tribulations.

  • Hardware or software can cause your phone to crash, and at one time or another we’ve all probably experienced a panic attack as our battery dies.
  • The other problem that will pop up is – Security. Since we’d be using this tech to handle wireless payments and transactions involving highly sensitive data; which is all the more vulnerable to threats.

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