Old Kolkata Vs Current Kolkata

Posted by Rahul Bharadwaj | Posted in Kolkata | Posted on 12-07-2009

It was one night of July, 2009 when I was too stressed out of work and trying to do something out of schedule when I posted a status update on my facebook account which read “Rahul Bharadwaj is planning to put up some 70 years old Photos of Kolkata (along with the current). He needs atleast 5 people liking it to start…” And whoop! the next morning Chetan, my younger brother, woke me up shouting “You have lot of work to do, bro,” pointing at the response on my update.

13 people liking it (and still counting,) I was forced to get up, unpack old photos of Kolkata (which I had been downloading for past sometime) and shoot similar photos of the same places.

I rushed out with Chetan Bharadwaj, Anurag Ahuja and Navneet Sureka and Yogesh Goel’s camera. Hah! You would find the result in the later posts. :)

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  1. Let me know how I can help! Lets meet up someday on this point.

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