Policy Change Microsoft Outlook Custom Domain Email

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Fourdy | Posted on 20-05-2014

This is an important announcement and calls your attention to the policy change from Microsoft on their email service for custom domain.

Microsoft is shifting their email service to Office365 and hence email ids those are created under its live setup shall become a part of the same.

How do you make sure if you are a part of this change or not?

If you can make a login to your mailbox via live.com then you need to know more about the policy update. (For more details get in touch with your webmaster)

How does it affect you?

Your email addresses are part of Microsoft outlook email service and which is soon going to change into Office365.
So there are surely good things to follow but a few limitation from the webmaster point of view.

In case you have an email service configured with our help and you want to ask us about it – do not hesitate to reach us directly at 9831075252 or write us at 911@fourdyindia.com

Nevertheless, you could still login and use the email service as ever until microsoft shuts down the service altogether.

But in case you want to create or remove any email accounts on your domain, its recommended you do it as soon as possible – since the ability to do so soon shall be stopped by Microsoft.


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