Reclaiming the Sky: A decade to 9/11

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Festival/Events, Fourdy | Posted on 12-09-2011

Ten years on, Americans came together on this Sunday where once the World Trade Center (WTC) soared; where the Pentagon stands as a fortress and breached; where the UA Flight 93 knifed into the twin towers – to mark the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attack.


We all have the memories of the moment we first heard about. I, personally, recall the day as the one when WE all were attacked. Whether we’d lost our loved ones, or have simply seen the images on television – the pictures of smoke turning the sky black in New York, Washington struck us all. It challenged the entire humanity.

We shall be kidding ourselves if we think the effect of crime so deliberately committed can be put aside without introspection. Healing begins with reflection, not with a time clock that says, “Get over it”.

“Get over it…”, some say, “Time to move on…”, say others. But how do we do that? Question is can we forgive the “unforgivable”.

YES, we can. In fact I believe that is the secret behind America (New York) still being incredibly vibrant, dynamic place. Ten years after the incident America has come through this thing in a way that was consistent with their character. Few things didn’t happen as quickly as they needed to. But overall, Americans took the fight to al-Queda, preserved their values, preserved their character yet moved on keeping the continuity.

This teaches us a nice lesson. FORGIVENESS does not require to forego justice, or make up to people we have every right to despise. ANGER has its place in the panoply of human emotions, however it shouldn’t become a way of life.

In the great respect to the leaders of such a nation and essentially in the tribute to those who died in 9/11 Attack:
FOURDY SOLUTIONS does its bit by going Black & White on web for a week from today. May their souls rest in peace, we pray.


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