Samsung Galaxy Note

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in IT Industry | Posted on 17-01-2012

Still wondering whether is it a phone? or is it a tablet? So am I.

GALAXY Note is

– the ultimate on the go device.

Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Note: The phone which assures you that after this you would not have to switch over to other devices for diversified features. Galaxy gives you features of both a Tab and a Phone. If you carry  – a smartphone and a tab, instead carry the Galaxy Note.

Spec Check:

  • Glance
    • Available in Black/White: It has a matt finish and gives a classy look to the phone.
  • Display
    • AMOLED Display and the sharpness level helps a lot making the text clear.
    • 1280 X 800 pixel resolution
  • Pumping machine
    • Android 2.3
    • 1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • 1GB RAM
  • Capacity
    • 16/32 GB Internal
    • 32 GB Expandable.
  • Cartridge
    • 1080p HD videos
    • Recording at: 24-30 fps
    • Playback at: 30fps
    • 8 MP rear camera; 2MP front
  • Acoustic
    • 3.5mm jack
    • Headphones give a 5.1 experience
  • Appends
    • Bluetooth  v3
    • Wi-fi 802.11
    • 2500 mAh Battery

Thumbs down for:

  • The Built in speaker is not loud enough. Though the headphones’ experience is good but once out it is hardly audible.
  • A tab priced @ 35,000 INR (750$) is too much  – Better are tabs available in 15k.
  • Side angle view is like a mirror.
  • 32GB is not that enough.
  • Not everyone is an artist and I don’t use tabs/phones to show my artistic skills.

A good product introduced in the market. But this 5.3 launcher says that you can type a SMS with the same hand that is holding the phone. Congrats Samsung for that. A 16-year would be able to?

Looking for a Cheaper Android tab:

  1. Aakash @ 1,750 INR
  2. Aakash 2 @ 3,000 INR

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