Web Industry discussion at Kolkata Blogger’s Meet

Posted by Rahul Bharadwaj | Posted in IT Industry, Kolkata | Posted on 03-08-2009

With internet becoming common, the disparity between the West and the East have started to reduce. Knowledge about almost everything is much easily available which in turn led to much faster development of Eastern nation like India, China and other surrounding countries. This has led to development of almost all industries, be it Iron & Steel, BPO, Hospitality, IT or any other. But, there is one thing that we still miss out, that is, we (eastern countries) are still dependent on the west when it comes to discovering or trend setting. As I am from the web industry, which is one of the most dynamic industries of the current times, I tend to feel that somewhere Indians are left out in the race. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook: Ramping on Orkut’s decline

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Media, Review | Posted on 21-07-2009

Orkut and Facebook

The swift growth of Facebook and loosing grounds of Orkut recently made me think what is there in the Facebook that Google is lacking to offer in Orkut? And why Orkut failed? And after a lot of search on the internet and personal judgments, I concluded: there are so many reasons out there that really made Google to see decline in this space. I think the reason why people use Facebook (at least, the reason I do) is that it’s fun. I do have access to both an Orkut and Facebook account and find myself using Facebook the majority of the time. I actually prefer Facebook when comparing Orkut versus Facebook from a usability perspective.

Facebook has become very popular in North America over the last few years whereas Orkut is extremely popular in India. Facebook has an origin at the Harvard University and was launched in February, 2004 (just a month after Orkut was launched). Orkut is run by Google and was named after Orkut Buyukkoten (Its creator).

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