Amar Durga Puja – to the world

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Durga Puja

What is ADP – Amar Durga Puja?

As we all know that Durga Puja is one of the most awaited festival in West Bengal but because of it’s geographical restriction people in the other part of the world can only read about it or view photos only once the event is over – it’s like watching the highlights of the World Cup Finals. We, at FOURDY WLOG, decided to take Durga Puja to the whole world. After a lot of thinking the only way we could do it was through the most powerful medium of today, the internet. This is when we decided to create ADP – ADP would be like a platform for the users to share their thoughts, videos, photo and more about Durga Puja.

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FOURDY WLOG: What’s in the name?

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I have been answering this question almost everyday and hence, to make it easy, I thought I would blog it down.

From where did the term “FOURDY” evolved from?

FOURDY, as most of you might know, is not a dictionary term. So when and from where and did it come?

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Become an Author at Fourdy Wlog!

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Fourdy Wlog was started recently when Rahul, Khushboo, Chetan and I decided to blog at a common place (Rahul even went to the extent of deleting his existing blog at blogspot). We were surprised at the response we got from friends; many of them wanted an author access to the blog. The quick popularity of the blog made us realize the power of synergy.

The Idea

We are inviting authors to blog at FOURDY WLOG because of 3 reasons:

  1. So that FOURDY WLOG becomes one place to look out for information on any topic.
  2. To directly market author’s blog on FOURDY WLOG as we allow authors to mention few extracts from the post and like it to their own (it is not mandatory for the authors to link FOURDY WLOG on their blog/website)
  3. Link to Author’s website/blog.

Who can join

There is NO restriction on the basis of age, education, location or experience. You do not even need to have your own blog (really).  All we expect from the author is to maintain the code of conduct by keeping the post strickly non obscene and away from controvertial topics. We would like each author to take up few categories of their choice and post in those topics itself. As the association is absolutely informal, there are no set rules but more of mutual understanding.

How can you join

You can join simply by writing an email at wlog [at], mentioning the topics/categories you are interested to blog for and we would get back to you with the registration link.

Wishing everyone the very best, happy wlogging!

FOURDY Wlog wins the Best Elevator Pitch Award at Kolkata Blogger’s Meet’09

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FOURDY Wlog - Winning Best Elevator Pitch Award
FOURDY Wlog! – Winning Best Elevator Pitch Award @ Kolkata Blogger’s Meet 2009

I have no clue from where to start it off and how to wind it up. But for present, I’m more concerned in explaining the exhilarating experience that me and my companions: Rahul Bharadwaj, Khushboo Nangalia, Shikha Kedia, Anurag Ahuja and Yogesh Goel (better identified by the populace at the meet as had at the Kolkata Blogger’s Meet 2009 on 8th August, 2009 at Café Coffee Day, Salt Lake (Sector V), Near Adlabs Cinemas, Kolkata.

I couldn’t perceive how 5 hours flew like few minutes, and the programme was over. I only did when the Prize Distribution (which was supposed to be the last on the agenda) commenced and FOURDY Wlog (led by my brother Rahul) won the ‘Best Elevator Pitch Award’.

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