Google Remarketing: Who should use and Why?

Posted by Shikha Kedia | Posted in Online Branding, Social Media | Posted on 19-02-2013

What is Google Remarketing

Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Google Display Network. The beta version of this very new service was launched in September 2012 by Google.

Generally when people leave your site without buying anything or without registering for an event etc, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers. Lucrative messages or offers can also be displayed to compel user to buy!

Who should use Remarketing?

It’s an ideal tool for advertisers looking for increase in registrations for events, driving sales on ecommerce Websites, promoting a brand or successfully executing a campaign.

Why You’d Use It

Remarketing being the 5th targeting tool after
Keyword match, Geographical location, Device (desktop, mobile and tablet) and Day parting is now the most powerful way connect with your target audience. Presenting across lucrative offers/ads to them when they were ready to buy would definitely improve ROI. In fact the combination of all the 5 tools can also add increase in effectiveness of these ads. For example if you want to expand your reach to a women oriented Conference between the age group of 28-40 who have yet not visited your website can be effective in adding them as registrants for your Conference 😉

Google+: Would it kill Facebook?

Posted by Shikha Kedia | Posted in Review | Posted on 28-07-2011

Google’s most awaited answer to Facebook in the social networking zone has arrived in the form of the Google+ Project. And the alert call is Google+ was launched on the same day (29th June, 2011) when MySpace, (the leading social networking site of the pre-Facebook era), was sold for just $35 million to an ad network which shows how rapidly social networking giants can rise and fall.

However according to Google, Google+ project is their attempt to make online sharing even better. They aren’t trying to replace what’s currently available; they just want to introduce a new way to connect online with the people related to you.

The biggest thrust Google has for pulling people towards using Google+ is integration. It will build Google+ social networking features and tools into almost all of its existing online services so at some point of time it would seem silly to jump out to some other site (Facebook) to do your social networking.

BUT before we jump on to any conclusion we have to accept the fact that none of Google’s product has been able to generate the fire in social media be it Google Buzz or Wave which were largely ignored or Orkut which almost faded out with the coming of Facebook. Also the fact that Google+’s key feature — the idea to organize your friends into ‘circles‘ and share certain content only with certain circles — isn’t really unique or new: Facebook already offers ‘lists‘ that lets you select which content is seen by which friends.

So people what do you think? Would Google+ kill Facebook?

Google+ Complimenting your e-life!

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Review, Web | Posted on 03-07-2011

Do you see the mysterious black bar at the top of the Google page? No, that’s not design, no theme.

Its an attempt from Google to do what Orkut could not. Google Inc. comes up the Google+ to its rival Facebook which has more than half a billion users.

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Facebook: Ramping on Orkut’s decline

Posted by Chetan Bharadwaj | Posted in Media, Review | Posted on 21-07-2009

Orkut and Facebook

The swift growth of Facebook and loosing grounds of Orkut recently made me think what is there in the Facebook that Google is lacking to offer in Orkut? And why Orkut failed? And after a lot of search on the internet and personal judgments, I concluded: there are so many reasons out there that really made Google to see decline in this space. I think the reason why people use Facebook (at least, the reason I do) is that it’s fun. I do have access to both an Orkut and Facebook account and find myself using Facebook the majority of the time. I actually prefer Facebook when comparing Orkut versus Facebook from a usability perspective.

Facebook has become very popular in North America over the last few years whereas Orkut is extremely popular in India. Facebook has an origin at the Harvard University and was launched in February, 2004 (just a month after Orkut was launched). Orkut is run by Google and was named after Orkut Buyukkoten (Its creator).

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