Facebook: Service Unavailable

Posted by Rahul Bharadwaj | Posted in IT Industry, Review, Web | Posted on 24-09-2010

Today, while I was trying to access by facebook account (as usual) it threw an error: Serice Unavailable (find the screenshot below)

Later, just before it finally recovered:

This was the longest downtime that I have ever experienced with facebook, it was down in India for over 30 minutes.

There are quite a few things that come to my mind in this distressed situation:

  • Is the downtime due to server overload or outrage?
  • Has facebook neared it’s capacity with 500 million user?
  • Are they making another revamp (for good)
  • Has Google bought facebook? :)
  • Wonder how this might have affected teenagers’ suicide rate.
  • As Facebook is down, would Twitter be able to handle the extra load (do not worry about MySpace, no one goes there)
  • Next day headlines could be, valuation of Facebook falls from 33,000,000,000 USD to 33,000,000 USD

What do you people have to say about it? Let’s see if facebook can “face” it

Tools to Optimize your Graphics for Web

Posted by Anurag Ahuja | Posted in Designing | Posted on 03-09-2009

Amidst of all discussion happening to save non-renewable resources why isn’t anyone thinking of web space? Where do you classify the webspace? Do you think you can go on and on and on putting anything over the internet?

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Keepin’ it real fake: Deceptive Marketing in India

Posted by Soham Pal | Posted in Media, Review | Posted on 13-08-2009

We’ve all made fun of those iPhone clones infesting the market. However I’ve seen only a few people appalled by the deceptive marketing bonanza that this device has caused in the subcontinent. If calling it the E-Phone weren’t enough, they decide to go an extra mile by blatantly reusing an official image of the aforementioned device.

What’s surprising is the fact that the press seems to have completely waived off it’s responsibility in publishing such an advertisement. The fact that an advertisement like this has actually made itself to the print edition of such a premiere newspaper explains why we need more attention towards monitoring of advertisements in the country. Surely, such an advertisement would be laughable if it ended up on the frontpage of the New York Times, perhaps followed immediately by a lawsuit. Why should things be different in India?

As requested by someone, here’s what the advertisement reads:

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