The All new features of Facebook: Challenging Twitter and Google Plus

Posted by Shikha Kedia | Posted in Review, Social Media, Web | Posted on 19-09-2011

Facebook is now trying to match and add new features which similar players have to their advantage. Some of the recent changes experienced on FB are:

  • Subscribe Button
    This feature would be a replica of Twitter’s “follow” model and similar functionality available in Google+. Facebook is now extending its scope into Twitter and Google+ by making it possible for Facebook members to subscribe to each other’s public posts without  having to be friends. So next time if you wish to know what Mark Zukerburg  is doing you can always subscribe to his account activities.:)
  • Scrolling sidebar with “Happening Now” section
    The right hand section at facebook has now been completely dedicated to “Happening Now” which showcases the most active and responsive news/updates of your network. Intelligently, the scrolling of this section has been isolated than other part of the page scrolling to keep users focused on latest news.
  • Bigger Wall Photo
    Facebook is now increasing the default size of displayed photographs from 720 pixels wide to 960 pixels wide. Photos that have already been uploaded by users at the site will be re-sized to fit the higher resolution (only if the original photos are large), and photos will also  load in users’ browsers twice as quickly as before.
  • New Friend List
    This feature is a direct attack to ‘Circles’ in Google+. The tool makes it easier to group the Facebook friends into different categories, so the user can now control from where the most or least information comes. Close friends’ and ‘acquaintances’ lists make it easier for the site’s users to see people whom you want to see again. The new ‘smart lists’ feature creates lists based on relationships and interactions between users.
  • Fixed Top Navigation Bar
    The top navigation bar is now fixed on top of the screen even when a user scrolls down the page, it remains accessible throughout. This would provide ease to users in navigation and find important links like home, profile, friend requests, messages and notifications more easily. Earlier, the top navigation bar used to scroll up with the page and users had to scroll back to access a link on the top navigation.
  • “View Shares” Button
    Facebook is testing a new “View Shares” feature for comments.. The number of shares appears to be the amount of people who have reposted the story, which was originally posted by a Facebook friend or maybe by a Facebook Page.

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  1. Believe it or not, I suggested Facebook about a ticker kind of thing which would show the latest updates to people (I did this some one month back). Anyway…

  2. Hey not believing you is out of question. Good to know your suggestions worked. So what’s next with Facebook Sir 😉

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