The Statesman House, Kolkata

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Chittaranjan Avenue,
Bow Bazaar,
Kolkata – 700001.
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Did you know?

  1. The Statesman has descended from The Englishman and The Friend of India, both published from Kolkata.
  2. The Statesman was founded by Robert Knight on 15th January 1875.
  3. It was then named as The Statesman and New Friend of India.
  4. This road (C.R. Avenue) was named after Chittaranjan Das (popularly known as “Deshbandhu”).

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Statesman House (1930s)

Statesman House (1930s)

Statesman House (2009)

Statesman House (2009)

Note: Sorry, I was not able to achieve the same angle because of the garden that is now constructed infront of the gate. Also, please ignore the tree that has now grown right infront of the building.

Shamasis Bhattacharya (my friend) will soon be adding more information to the page. Any other comments are invited.

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  1. Sadly, the present Statesman House has shrunk (structurally) from within. the office is now confined to the third floor alone and speculations say that the rest of the floors will be rented to …

    This is what happens to news agencies that try to serve more news and less masala.

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