Tweets of the 20Twelve

Posted by Sujit Agarwal | Posted in Social Media | Posted on 16-12-2012

  • US Elections: The first of the U.S. presidential produced 10+ millions Tweets; Approx 31million+ Tweets were sent about the election on the Election Day. While at the EOD, Obama’s ‘Four More Years’ and a picture of him hugging his wife was the strongest single post of the year which was re-tweeted more than 816,000 times. Which gradually became the most re-tweeted tweet of the year and gradually the most ever.
  • Justin Biber’s tweet remembering his six-year old fan who died due to brain cancer: ‘RIP Avalanna, i love you.’ was re-tweeted for over 220,000 times.
  • The sacrilege tweet from Green Bay Packers NFL player TJ Lang blasting the controversial call by a substitute referee during a referee dispute was re-tweeted 98,000 times.
  • The Summer Games in London, generated 150+ millions tweets over a period of 16days. The closure ceremony, the Spice Girl’s performance, amassed the largest Games-related spike – galloping to 116,000+ tweets per minute.
  • MTV Video Music Awards: Over 52m tweets were cast for Most Shareable Video. The peak of the night was won with the One Direction Best Pop Video with staggering 98,307 TPM.
  • Superstrom Sandy: Between Oct 27 and Nov 1, people sent more than 20millions tweets about the Sandy’s impact.  Tweets mention word ‘donate’ reached a 180-day peak; the phrase ‘donate blood’ a 365-day peak.

Well, the year has not yet ended. The 20th December 2012 is yet to be on the list. 😛

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