Ubislate7+ a.k.a Aakash 2

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Would you go for Aakash or Ubilsate 7+? By paying $10 more you get a Tablet-cum-phone. Well this is the Ubislate 7+: Another Android at a low cost @ $57 (2,999.00 INR).

If you know what Aakash tablet is and you desire to buy that and are waiting in the queue, among the 14lakhs orders which were placed in first 15days of online sale. Where Datawind promises to deliver it within seven days. Is it possible? 😛

But hold on before you order that, read this. By spending $10 more you get the Tablet-cum-Phone – the UBISLATE 7+ (a.k.a Aakash 2).

Ubislate7+ is the upgraded version of the Aaskash Tablet (also the known as the Ubislate). What’s so different about the Ubislate7+? Know then below:

  • 2.3 Android OS – an upgrade from 2.2 of Aakash.
  • It has both the features – GPRS and Wi-fi. That means that you can have access to the net through the GPRS system with out the wires/dongles.
  • The Wi-fi system is expected to be much faster as compared to the tech situation in India.
  • The Ubislate 7+ will also have the functionality of a mobile phone which was one of the biggest draw back as compared to the Aakash. You can now make calls.
  • From the 366MHz processor of the Aakash the Ubislate7+ has the 700 MHz processor and that will apparently be ‘three times better’ than the original Aakash.
  • Ubislate7+ also has 3200 mAh battery which is expected to give a battery back up of 5 hours as compared 2100 mAh battery of the Aakash a back up of mere 3 hours.
  • It also commits a Graphics Processor and HD video processor for us to enjoy the HD playback of videos.
  • It also comes with a headphone/mic + integrated speaker.

Well, I guess those are just enough for a tech-packed handy gadget at just 2,999 INR.

Pricing and Order:

Ubislate7+ has been priced at $57 (approx 3000 INR) which is just $10 more than the previous version.
Though this is not in the market, you can pre-order. The pre-order started last month and the product is ready to be out now, by the end of January’12.

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Status Now:

Aakash (the previous one) was sold out when it was released back in 2011 but when the online sale began it bagged an order of 14laks tablets. The pre-order status as of now for Ubislate7 and Ubislate7+ :

Pre-order @ http://www.ubislate.com/prebook.html

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  2. Can I use Ubislate as mobile or camera?

  3. plz tell me this is a better or not

  4. any one tell me can i us this as mobile. how much models available in this tab. plz inform me about this tab.

  5. Yes, you can use Ubislate7+ (Aakash 2) tablet as a phone; None of the versions of Aakash is enabled with camera though.

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