Valentine’s Day ideas and gifts

Posted by vijay.sharma | Posted in Festival/Events | Posted on 16-01-2012

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year in the memory of St Valentine, who is better recognized as the patron saint of all the lovers. It is a day on which lovers express their feeling through greeting cards, presents, chocolates etc. We all want this day to be special; therefore we need to plan it in a special way.

Most popular ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day are:

  • Romantic Date: Go out and woo your love by arranging a romantic date with your lover. On this day we can easily find parks, restaurants, discotheques all filled up with lovers holding hands and expressing love. So, go ahead and plan the romantic date for your love and share those precious love moments together.
  • Romantic Dinner: Love can also be expressed this Valentine’s Day by arranging a romantic dinner for your loved one. Guys can express their love by cooking some surprise stuff like cakes with a romantic message on it.
  • Share love through cards: You can share your love through cards and other creative forms of art. If you are running out of ideas, then a simple letter with “I love you” can make Valentine’s Day special for your love.
  • Spread joys through flowers: Flowers can refresh the love between partners. Roses, which are considered as Flower of Love,  make your partner feel special. So, decorate your home with flowers and let your partner know that you love her.
  • Spend quality time with a theatre show: Arrange for a romantic movie that you would enjoy watching together. Spend those precious moments with your love and a romantic movie.

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