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Wresting game WWE is out with the first game in the WWE series but the 14th game of the wrestling series. This is the sequel to WWE Smack Down Vs Raw 2011. The game that the wrestlers had been waiting for, I had been. 😛

WWE’12 is a wrestling game developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ Inc (Toy Head-Quarters); released in Q4 of 2011. After some hands on the game now time for the loafts of the game.

Well I am only going to present the towers of the game because I have not found any squats. 😛

  • Starting with the music: It has been developed in a style which seems you are watching it live, especially the entrances.
  • The game’s presentation is perfect.The animations used in the game is super fast and have the realistic look.
  • Like each release this one has the ‘limb target’:  You can target the specific limb/area of the body. Damaging the specific area will make the opponent more submissive.
  • Using the offensive techniques is the best part of the game; You have to look for the time when referee is deflected you use the move; Trust me guys this is fun 😛
  • Dynamic comeback is yet another feature which I am trying to explore. At any point when you are losing in the game you can  come up with a quick comeback attack which gives you time to recapitulate.
  • You play three chapters which revolves around Sheamus, Triple H and a custom wrestler which you can create.

Well on a personal note: You are knocked down and you get the wake up taunt from Randy Orton and he delivers the finishing move, ‘RKO’. my favourite wrestler; my favourite move.

Share yours! 😛

This release has been priced at Rs. 2,399. (For non pirates :P)

Available for PS and X-Box only.

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